I am sharing this miraculous account for the esteem of Yahweh Elohim (The LORD GOD of Yisrael) alone.

I, Robert Arthur McDuffie, do solemnly swear “as Yahweh Elohim lives”, that all of my testimony contained in this communication, is true, complete; and motivated solely by my love for Messiah Yahoshua of Nazareth, our Heavenly Abba; and for all fellow believers (who are the Bride of Yahoshua).  If I am not swearing truthfully, may Yahweh Elohim of Hosts strike me dead immediately – that all may learn to fear who would falsely swear by His set-apart Name.


Now therefore restore the man his wife; for he is a prophet, and he shall pray for thee, and thou shalt live: and if thou restore her not, know thou that thou shalt surely die, thou, and all that are thine. (Bereshith (Genesis) 20:7)

Q. Where in the Scriptures do we find Abraham speaking, “Thus saith Yahweh”?

A. NOWHERE!  There is not one record of Abraham prophesying a future event.

Q. Why does Yahweh say that Abraham is a prophet if he never actually prophesied anything?

A. Abraham’s entire life was a prophecy!

Everything that is recorded in the Scriptures about Abraham’s life was meant to teach us about the Messiah’s first coming, His second coming and His unchanging, true, eternal doctrine of favour.

Most Messianic believers do not understand how to correctly interpret the Scriptures, because they have learned the rules of hermeneutics (i.e., interpreting the Scriptures) from Christianity and not from the very people who transmitted them to us – the Yahudim (erroneously called the “Jews” as slang)! (Romans 3:1-2)

Q. If the Yahudim know how to correctly interpret the Scriptures, then how come they cannot see their Messiah, Yahoshua haMaShiach (erroneously called “Jesus the Christ” by Christian tradition)?

A. Whereas, the Yahudim know how to correctly interpret the Scriptures, they do not know the correct parameters by which to apply the interpretation.

AN ILLUSTRATION FROM LIFE: One day we desired to travel safely from point A to point B in Johannesburg, South Africa.  In order to ensure that we arrived at our intended destination, my wife Jennifer wrote down the exact directions from a map-site on the internet before we departed from point A.  However, while in route to point B, we were greatly dismayed to find that there were no signs by which to apply the correctly-recorded directions.  As a direct result of not having any parameters by which to apply the correctly-recorded directions, we never arrived at our intended destination.  We literally wandered around for almost two hours before we gave up and returned home.

Can you see from this illustration that knowing how to correctly interpret the Scriptures, but not having the correct parameters by which to apply the rules of interpretation, is completely worthless?

The correct way to interpret the Scriptures is called PaRDeS.  PaRDeS is a Hebrew acronym, which stands for,

Pashat ~ The literal level of understanding.

Remez ~ The prophetic level of understanding. (This usually applies to Yahoshua’s first coming.)

Drash ~ The revelation level of understanding. (This usually applies to Yahoshua’s second coming.)

Sod ~ The doctrinal level of understanding. (This usually applies to Yahoshua’s unchanging, eternal doctrine of favour.)

The Pharisee Shaul (Acts 23:6) knew about these four levels of interpretation and he taught them to every follower of Yahoshua.   

“Now, brethren, if I come unto you speaking with tongues, what shall I profit you, except I shall speak to you either by revelation, or by knowledge, or by prophesying, or by doctrine?” (1Corinthinas 14:6)

“That he would grant you, according to the riches of his majesty, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man; v.17 That the Messiah may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, v.18 May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth (knowledge level), and length (prophecy level), and depth (revelation level), and height (doctrinal level); v.19 And to know the love of the Messiah, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of Elohim.” (Ephesians 3:16-19)

The first century Messianic believers knew how to correctly interpret the Scriptures and they knew the correct parameters by which to apply the four levels of interpretation.  Sadly, both of these understandings were gradually lost over the last 1,900 years.  However, by the Set-Apart Spirit of Yahweh (erroneously called the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost due to Christian tradition), both are currently being rapidly restored to the body of Messiah all over the world!

I have written at length concerning the PaRDeS method of interpretation as well as the correct parameters of PaRDeS interpretation on my blog.  Here is the link for your convenience:

The Elohim and King of All Favour

Now, why did I take the time to explain all of this prior to giving my testimony?  I thought it was quite necessary to explain how Yahweh uses the true-life events of real people (Pashat) to teach prophecy (Remez), revelation (Drash) and His unchanging doctrine (Sod).  All throughout the Scriptures, He has demonstrated His power and greatness by communicating more than one specific Truth in every single passage.

Yahweh has clearly testified that He does not change. (Malaki 3:6 & Ibrim (Hebrews) 13:8)  If Yahweh can use all of the different characters throughout the entire TaNaKh (the Old Testament) to testify of Yahoshua’s first and second coming and to teach His unchanging doctrine, then He most certainly can still do the same thing today!   

In late 2008, when I was first called to South Africa, the Set-Apart Spirit spoke to my heart and said, “I am sending you to a land that you do not know and you will never desire to return to America.”  From that time until the present, I have often testified that my call to the mission field was the call of Abraham.  As it turns out, this was far more accurate than I possibly could have ever known.  Heaven has only recently revealed how a significant portion of my life was actually a major prophecy about to be fulfilled – just like our father Abraham.

This is actually the second time that it has been revealed that Yahweh has performed a supernatural sign to confirm the prophetic call upon my life.  The first miraculous sign was revealed in November / December 2010.  I have previously written about this sign on my blog and within the pages of this book:

The Scriptures – A Supernatural Testimony

When I was a child growing up in the Southern Baptist denomination, I was taught that only “the wicked and adulterous” seek after signs, wonders and miracles.  MattithYahu (Matthew) 12:38-39 was usually offered as the proof text; however, there were many other Scriptures offered as well.  Unfortunately, this true teaching can easily become translated into the false thought process that all signs, wonders and miracles are “wicked and adulterous”.  Obviously, it is not the signs and wonders that are wicked – only the heart that is seeking after them instead of simply hearing and obeying the Word of Elohim!

I never prayed for these miraculous signs to happen in my life, and I definitely was not seeking after them.  Heaven chose to perform these supernatural signs, so the very people I was sent to minister to would know that Heaven had sent a true prophet into their midst.  More specifically, these signs were performed so Yahweh’s people would know the revelation level of the message of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks is “Thus saith Yahweh” and not just another prophecy study.  This has always been the legitimate reason for Heavenly-sent signs and wonders.

The prophet Moshe’ (Moses) said to Yahweh,

“But, behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, Yahweh hath not appeared unto thee.”

Yahweh gave Moshe’ three miraculous signs in response to Moshe’s request, so the people of Elohim would believe He was sent by Yahweh.

I too have been given a third sign so that you might believe that a prophet has been sent to deliver you.  However, if you will not believe the first two signs, how shall you believe the third? I.e. The miracle of the two-dollar bill which I wrote about in Chapter Two of this book.

Crossing Over

Deliverance does not come without a price!  Are you willing to pay the price to obtain true freedom?  Deliverance does not come without opposition!  Are you willing to endure the opposition until you have truly been set free?  Yes, I know – there are countless believers who are completely enslaved to their sinful, sin-filled hurt, habits and hang-ups who will fiercely proclaim, “but I have already been set free when I trusted in the shed blood of the Messiah!”

The Power of Deliverance

This self-induced delusion is nothing new.  The Yahudim proclaimed the same lie almost 2,000 years ago.  They were all slaves to the Roman Empire and yet they proclaimed that they were the free sons of Abraham.  In much the same way, believers who are in bondage to their “familiar” sin will proclaim that they are not in bondage because they are the seed of the Messiah.

“They answered him, We be Abraham’s seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free?” (Yahonan (John) 8:33)

When Moshe’ stood before a defiant Pharaoh, wasn’t there opposition (Shemoth (Exodus) 5-14)?  When the opposition came, didn’t the people reject Moshe’ as their deliverer – even though they had witnessed the three miraculous signs which had been given to them (Shemoth (Exodus) 5:20-23)?

Some people will object to me distributing these testimonies publicly; and they will falsely accuse me (again) of self-promoting and trying to obtain a platform.  

To these objections I ask:

Was Moshe’ (Moses) self-promoting when he demonstrated the signs he had been given?

Were the apostles self-promoting when they were given signs, wonders and miracles to demonstrate the authority by which they preached “The Good News” of Yahoshua, (Mark 16:15-20)?

Was the Pharisee Shaul (Acts 23:6) self-promoting when he gave his résumé everywhere he went? I.e. Acts 21:1-21, 1Cor 9, 2Cor 6:1-10, 11:22-33, Phil 3:3-9, etc.


From the beginning of mine and Jenn’s courtship, it was our desire for the wedding ceremony to be an extravagant worship service in honor of the King of the Universe.  Our plan was to begin the service with Louie Giglio’s How Great Is Our God DVD presentation.  Next, I was going to share my life’s message, The Power of Deliverance.  We envisioned our wedding day as a time of great repentance, reconciliation, restoration and the beginning of real revival in the lives of those in attendance.

On both sides of our family, there is much brokenness and much unforgiveness.  More than anything, Jenn and I prayed that Heaven would use our union as the catalyst to bring healing to everyone in attendance.  If Heaven had given us the choice between the road we ended up walking down to the altar of covenant and the road we desired and planned to walk down – we would have definitely chosen the road we desired and planned to walk down.   

I / we did not have anything to do with the Heavenly orchestration of this testimony.  In all honesty, if my wife or I had known what Heaven was doing in and through our lives at that time, we would have most definitely messed it up.  I cannot stress enough that we did not have anything to do with this testimony coming to pass.  I would not even know about this prophecy being confirmed through my life if Heaven hadn’t revealed it to me.  This is not about me at all!  This is all about Yahweh and what He has done, is doing, and will do.

On July 30th, 2012, I first published THE SIGN OF YONAH & DANIEL’S SEVENTY WEEKS.

The Sign of Jonah and the Seventy Weeks of Daniel

Whereas, I have known about a great deal about the contents of this study since 2003 (i.e. the remez or prophetic level), it wasn’t until July 30th 2012 that I was first released in my spirit to publish and share it publicly.  It was only after I first published this study, that I began to realize our betrothal was an exact Heavenly arranged “mirror” of the very prophecy I had just written about.  This revelation caused me to weep and travail before the throne of Yahweh as I solemnly realized that, not only was He providentially sovereign, but also He has intimately acquainted Himself with us and our courtship for reasons that only He fully comprehends.  

In Bemidbar (Numbers) 14:34 and in Yehezkel (Ezekiel) 4:5-6, Yahweh established the principle that one day equals a year by the mouth of a prophet.  His Word is forever a two-edged sword!  This means that one year can also conversely equal one day (Ibrim (Hebrews) 4:12 & 2Kepha (Peter) 3:8).  I have personally witnessed this miraculous and marvelous truth (through my Heavenly betrothal and marriage to Jenn) in what can only be described as wondrous, miraculous and impossible detail by every human standard.  Every single detail of our seventy days of courtship match the revelation level of Daniel’s Seventy Week prophecy perfectly on a year for a day basis and in “the type and shadow” pictures.   

In its magnificent simplicity, Daniel’s seventy week prophecy breaks down as follows:


In 424 / 423 BC, Darius the Second decreed that the walls of Yahrushalayim (Jerusalem) should be rebuilt and restored and then he commissioned NehemYah (Nehemiah) to carry out the task.  Sometime after the walls were rebuilt and restored, NehemYah (the “anointed” one) returned to the service of the king.  In the 49th year (375 / 374 BC) from the time of the king’s decree, NehemYah returned as the “anointed” prince of Yahrushalayim / Yahudea, (Judea).  At this time, he cleansed the priesthood, he restored the financial support for the temple, he set apart the weekly Sabbath day, and he restored the lands to the heads of the tribes (to whom the inheritance rightfully belonged) in preparation for the year of Jubilee.

Sixty-two weeks (of years) later (A.D. 62 / 63), Ya‘acob the Just (Yahoshua’s half brother, who is erroneously called James), the “anointed” bishop of Yahrushalayim, was cut off as a martyr for Yahoshua haMashiach’s sake.  From the time Ya‘acob (James) was killed until the time Yahrushalayim was destroyed, Yahweh confirmed the covenant as found in His Torah (i.e., the first five books of the Scriptures: Bereshith – Debarim, erroneously called Genesis – Deuteronomy).  In A.D. 70, Yahrushalayim was completely laid waste in the 70th week (of years) of the prophecy.  Yahrushalayim was completely destroyed and more than 1,000,000 Yahudim were killed in the 490th year of Daniel’s prophecy.  For a brief period, 500 Yahudim a day were crucified, until the Romans ran out of wood.  




In this same study, I also wrote that the fulfillment of the second level of Daniel’s prophecy (the Drash / revelation level), started in 1947.  In November 1947, a decree went out from the United Nations that the Yahudim should repopulate and rebuild the land of Yahudah.  On May 14th 1948, on the eve of the Feast of Shavuot (which is also known as the feast of Pentecost) on Yahweh’s Calendar (which is most definitely not the Hillel calendar) Yahudah was reborn as a nation and David Ben Gurion was sworn in as the first Prime Minister of Yahudah (i.e. the modern nation known as the STATE OF YISRAEL).  Ben Gurion left office in his sixth year of service to take over as the Minister of Defence.  In the seventh year, Ben Gurion would become the Prime Minister again for another eight years.

The 69th year of the Drash / revelation level of Daniel’s seventy week prophecy will be fulfilled when the bride is taken by the Groom on Yom Teruah (“The Feasts of The Trumpets”, which will begin at sunset on September 1st 2016).  This event will be preceded by the reappearance of the original “Star of Bethlehem” in the constellation of Bethulah (Virgo).  This astronomical event will happen again, exactly five days prior to the anointed bride being cut off from this world (MattithYahu (Matthew) 25:1-12).  In fulfillment of His Torah, Yahoshua will spend exactly one year with His bride – cheering her up in the place He has prepared for her (Yahonan (John) 14:2-3).  He will not tend to any business or go to make war during this time – due to His high esteem for His Torah (Debarim (Deuteronomy) 24:5 & Mismore (Psalm) 138:2).

On Yom Teruah (The Feast of Trumpets, September 20th, 2017), in the 70th, and final year of the second level of Daniel’s seventy week prophecy, Yahoshua will return to make war with His enemies and His bride will accompany Him (Revelation 19:11-14).  At this time, the tares will be completely severed from this present world and the wheat will be harvested.  To fully understand who the tares and the wheat are, and to understand both layers of the fulfillment of this prophecy in comprehensive detail, please refer to my blog:



On December 31st, 2008, my wife Jenn and I both received a “decree” via our individual e-mail accounts. This email solicitation suggested we try E-HARMONY (the relationship building web-site) over the next four days.   Since it was a free trial offer – with no further obligation – we both (separately and independently) agreed to give it a try.  (Looking back now, for me this was a “type and shadow” decree to rebuild and restore the walls of the household of love between a husband and a wife.)  Just like the decree in 424 / 423 B.C. started the counting of the seventy weeks of years (at the prophetic level of fulfillment); and just like the decree in 1947 started the counting of the seventy years (at the revelation level of fulfillment), the decree that went out to Jenn and I would start the counting of the seventy days of our betrothal. ~ I.e. “Seventy (days) are decreed.”

On January 1st, 2009, Jenn and I were first introduced via E-HARMONY’s guided communication.  Four days later, on January 4th, we talked to each other via the telephone for the very first time.  At the conclusion of our conversation, I told Jenn that I knew what the Set-Apart Spirit had spoken to my heart about her.  I also told her that if she knew His voice too, then I was quite certain He had spoken the same thing to her concerning me.  (The Spirit had spoken to my heart that Jenn was my betrothed wife.  Therefore, I expected He had told her that I was her betrothed husband.)

I told Jenn that if she did not hear anything then not to get back to me and to have a nice life.  (As it turned out, this would actually be my entire marriage proposal.)  On Wednesday, January 7th, (the seventh day from the time the “decree” went forth), Jenn contacted me to let me know that she had received the full confirmation she needed that I was “anointed” to be her “prince” –  and that I was betrothed by Heaven to be her husband! I.e.,“Know therefore and understand that from the going out of the word to restore and build to the coming of an “anointed” one, a “prince”, there shall be seven (days).”  

On the 69th day of our courtship (March 10th 2009), we were married.  That evening, on the seventieth day of our courtship, we consummated our union and began our lifelong honeymoon.  Note: In the Hebraic understanding, the day always begins at sunset – not sunrise (Bereshith (Genesis) 1:5).


NehemYah, David Ben Gurion and myself were / are all “anointed” by Yahweh, for a decreed Heavenly purpose.  A decree went out in 424 / 423 B.C., 1947 and on December 31st 2009, respectively.  All three of us left the one(s) whom we were “anointed” to serve for a time and / or a season.  All three of us were confirmed to be the “anointed” one by Yahweh for His wondrous purpose in the seventh week of years (i.e. the 49th year), the seventh year and the seventh day, respectively. (Again, it was on the seventh day of our courtship that Yahweh miraculously confirmed to Jenn that I was “anointed” to be her husband, her “prince”. The full testimony about this confirmation is a full length separate testimony by itself.) 

Ya’acob was the “anointed” one who was cut off in the 69th week (i.e., the 483rd year of the prophecy) for the Messiah’s sake.  Yisrael (the bride) will be completely cut off from this world and everything in it in the 69th year, for Yahoshua’s sake.  On the 69th day of our courtship, my bride Jenn was completely cut off from all of her family, friends and church for Yahoshua’s sake – as she obeyed Him in marrying me.   

In the study, The Sign of Yonah & The Seventy Weeks of Daniel, I included some information about several quickly-approaching astronomical events.  These astronomical portends have never happened before (and will never happen again) in the providentially-arranged and foretold sequence.  “The Star of Bethlehem” is scheduled to reappear on August 27th, 2016 – five days before the bride will be cut off for her Groom.  

In a similar “type and shadow” picture, I reappeared in Jenn’s life exactly five days before Jenn was cut off to be my bride.  Prior to this day, Jenn and I had met face to face only one time.  We would realize later that our first meeting was exactly thirty days before our wedding day.  So, in a “type and shadow”, our wedding date would be on the third day from the only time we met each other face to face. (Zeros do not count in the Hebrew reckoning, thus thirty can also be reckoned as three.)  Our Groom Yahoshua is going to marry His bride on the third day from the only time He first appeared to us in the flesh. I.e. The third (thousand year) day. (2Kepha / Peter 3:8)  

I reappeared in Jenn’s life for the second and final time on the first day after our communications fast had ended.  The Spirit had led us both to commit to this seven-day fast – so that we could focus on Yahweh alone during a time of intense spiritual warfare.  This communications fast ended on Wednesday, and I reappeared on Thursday.  In addition to the communications fast, I was also led to fast and pray for Jenn and our future wedded life together for exactly 44 days. 

Even as Yahoshua laid down His life for His bride (Ephesians 5:25), it was my desire to literally lay down my life for my bride through prayer and fasting.  This fast also ended the same day that the communications fast ended.  The Hebrew gematria for 44 is 8.  Amazingly, it was exactly eight days later that Jenn and I were on our one-day honeymoon.  Eight is the number for our Messiah and in Hebrew it means that all things are new or renewed.  On the eighth day, from the time these two fasts came to an end – Jenn and I were enjoying the first day of our new life together. 

If you add together all the combined kings of Yisrael and Yahudah listed in the Scriptures, you will discover that Yahoshua is coming as the 44th sovereign!  In addition, He is returning for His virgin bride on the third (thousand year) day!  In a “type and shadow” picture, this was the third time that Yahweh had led me to fast and pray for exactly 44 days – according to His sovereignty.         

In the first level of the prophecy of Daniel’s seventy weeks, Yahweh confirmed the covenant for one week of years. I.e. seven years.   Yahweh took away the offerings and sacrifices (i.e., the temple service) from His covenant people for exactly three and one half years.  In the second level of the prophecy, Yahweh is confirming His covenant yet again.  He is watching over His Torah to perform it.  These last seven years would have commenced on Yom Teruah (the Feast of the Trumpets Way yiqra (Leviticus) 23:23-25) 2010 and will be fulfilled at Yom Teruah 2017. 

The “midst” of these seven years will fall on April 10th, 2014.  This is the 10th day of the month of Aviv.  It is on this day when the Passover lamb without spot, blemish, or defect was to be selected from the flock.  I firmly believe that it is entirely possible that from this date forward, no one will be able to repent of their sins and trust in the shed blood of the Messiah and become a part of the bridal party of His favour.  If Yahweh takes away the sacrifice and offering of His own Son during these three and a half years – then the real reason that no one repented in Revelation 9:20-21 is because they can’t.  This is reminiscent of Pharaoh and the whole house of Mitsrayim (Egypt) during the last seven plagues that befell them.  They could not repent because Yahweh had given them over to the hardness of their hearts.

In yet another “type and shadow” picture – on Wednesday, March 4th, I left early in the morning to go to Arkansas in order to be able to assist Jenn in our wedding plans. I.e., “to confirm the covenant” of our Heavenly betrothal.  On Thursday, March 5th, I met with Jenn at the Denny’s restaurant in downtown Memphis, Tennessee.  At this time, I opened up the Scriptures and I shared a message with Jenn that Heaven had laid heavy on my heart.

I shared with her from 1Shemuel (Samuel) 15 and 1Melakim (Kings) 13.  The heart of the message which Heaven had given me, was that Jenn and I were going to continue forward in our courtship in the love of the absolute truth of Yahweh’s Word without compromise or not at all.  These two passages of the Scriptures teach us the principle that 99% obedience is still 100% disobedience in the eyes of Heaven.  If Jenn did not agree to completely commit to this principle, then I had already made up my mind to get back on the bus and go back to Florida. 

Jenn passed this very important test with flying colors.  On this day, she committed to the covenant of absolute truth by the full counsel of the Scriptures and the leading of the Spirit. No matter what the cost, in complete love of the Truth, Jenn and I were moving forward together.

This would prove to be exactly seven days before we were married and our betrothal was consummated.  I.e. “And He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week.”

In an exact “type and shadow” of what is going to happen on April 14th, 2014, in “the midst of the week”, on the Shabbat of Yahweh (in March, 2009) I was cut off as not being an acceptable husband for Jenn.  First I was rejected by Jenn’s father; then over the next 24 hours, I was completely rejected by the entire community of Jenn’s family, friends and local assembly.

When I went up to Wynne, Arkansas, the revival anointing of Heaven was resting heavily upon my life.  My entire 40-hour trip was filled with people freely confessing their sins and their need for a Saviour.  People were literally coming up (by supernatural attraction in the spirit) and asking me how they could be saved.  With everything in me, I desired for revival to break forth upon the people of Wynne, Arkansas.  However, with one voice they rejected the messenger that was sent to them – and thus they rejected the revival that was sent to them.  I.e. “and in the midst of the week He shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease.”

In the seventieth week of Daniel’s prophecy (from A.D. 62 / 63 – A.D. 69 / 70), Yahweh cheered up His people and comforted them with the words written in the letter to the Hebrews.  In the seventieth year (of the revelation level), the Groom will cheer up His Bride and honeymoon with her for exactly one year (Debarim (Deuteronomy) 24:5).  During this year, the Groom cannot tend to any business or go to make war.  His only responsibility is to cheer up His bride and to make her happy.  In yet another “type and shadow” picture, for exactly one day (which was the seventieth day of our courtship) I did not tend to any business at all and I cheered up my bride.  The next day (March 12th, 2009), Jenn and I went to work. 

When Yahweh / Yahoshua returns for His bride, He is coming as a previously-married (to Yisrael, whom He divorced and Yahudah who killed Him), very experienced Groom.  He is coming for a virgin bride of her youth who has never known another man.  In still another exact “type and shadow” picture, I have been previously married and have had much life experience.  My wife Jennifer was a virgin bride of her youth who had never known another man.  I.e. I am the first and only love of her life.

Finally, due to gross bureaucratic arrogance, Jenn and I were not able to register our set-apart marriage covenant until the third time we visited the registrar’s office.  Thus, through no intent of our own and despite great protest on our part, our marriage is officially recognized by the STATE of FLORIDA on March 20th, 2010.  This would be the eightieth day from the beginning of our courtship. 

In yet another “type and shadow” picture, Yahoshua is going to consummate His union with His bride in the seventieth year (Yom Teruah (The Feast of Trumpets) 2016 / 2017).  However, He and His bride will not begin their reign as king and queen and be officially recognized by all the nations of the world until the eightieth year (Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement) 2027).  This is the last Jubilee year before the millennial reign commences.




The above slides were taken from the study “Numerical Patterns and Themes of The Scriptures”. This is a Drash / revelation level study that shows how all the numerical patterns of “The Scriptures” will conclude in A.D. 2027.


Yahrushalayim was judged by fire in fulfillment of the seventieth week of the first level of the Daniel 9:24-27 prophecy; i.e., the 490th year of Daniel’s prophecy.  Since A.D. 30, “The Word of Yahweh” has gone out into the entire world to try and judge the hearts of all men.

Yahrushalayim and the entire world will be judged with fiery judgment when Yahoshua returns, on the seventieth Yom Teruah, since the decree went out to rebuild and restore Yahudah; i.e., November 1947.  At this time, His Torah will go forth into the entire world for ten years (i.e. the ten days of awe) to judge and try the hearts of all men.  Everyone who did not / does not accept the righteousness of Yahweh by favour through faith will be judged unrighteous and will not have any part of His thousand-year reign, which will begin Yom Teruah 2028 and conclude on Yom Teruah 3028.

At the time Yahoshua returns, many will look upon Him “whom they have pierced” and believe and be saved (ZekarYah 12:10).  These will be the wheat of Yahoshua’s parable in MattithYahu 13.  At the time of His return, everyone who looks upon Him with an expectant heart of faith will be known as Lewi, Yahudah and Benyamin in His Millennial kingdom.  They will never be the bride!  The bride is forever Yisrael!   Yisrael is made up of the ten tribes of the north who were dispersed to the nations in 723 B.C.  They have been re-gathered by favour through faith in Yahoshua haMaShiach, since A.D. 30 (Hoshea 1 & 2).

When Yahoshua returns, all those who receive Yahoshua will also receive His bride of covenant and welcome them both warmly and with hospitality.  In an almost an exact “type and shadow” picture, while we were still enjoying the first year of our honeymoon, a few of those who rejected Jenn and I initially then changed their minds.  Starting with her dad, we were received warmly from the first day after our consummation until this day.   However, many people still have never accepted us.  Some have even chosen to declare war on our marriage and ministry from that first day until the present.  In yet another “type and shadow” picture, all the nations are going to gather to (unsuccessfully) make war against Yahoshua and His bride dwelling safely in the land after He returns to establish His reign on the earth. (Yehezkel (Ezekiel) 39)  

From the 71st day of our courtship, Jenn and I were first sent out all over the United States.  Since 2010, we have been sent out all over the world by the Set-Apart Spirit.  Everywhere we have gone, we have preached the same message: righteousness by faith (which is demonstrated through obedience to His Word; His Torah) in the Messiah – because of Heaven’s favour toward men.  Some have received us and the message we carry – most have not.  All those who have not will be judged by Yahoshua’s righteous fire at His coming (because they would not receive the love of the Truth).  In this, the words of our Messiah have truly been fulfilled (MattithYahu (Matthew) 10:40-41)!       

On the day of our honeymoon (March 11th, 2009), we went to see our Prepare-Enrich counselor,  brother Jim Amaram of the First Alliance Church, Port Charlotte, Florida.  He shared with us that he did not think it was wise to go the mission field until after we had been married for at least one year.  Jim actually quoted Debarim (Deuteronomy) 24:5 in defence of his position.  At that time, Jenn and I did not give this counsel very much regard.  Little did we know how wise this counsel truly was. 

Over the next year and a half, Jenn and I grew in leaps and bounds as a couple and also in our personal faith and trust in Yahweh and His decreed will for our lives.  We bless Yahweh for His faithfulness to send us overseas at His exact right timing.  He also sent us to the exact right place, which He prepared in advance for us according to His providential and sovereign plan for both of our lives.  


Eleven years ago, in the fall of 2001, I began to have a very unusual sense that there was something very peculiar about my life that was / is hard to explain in mere words.  However, after experiencing the same overwhelming sensation multiple times, I finally expressed the sensation I was having to my ex-wife.  I basically told her, “I cannot explain this very well; however, I keep having this overwhelming sensation and it seems to me that my life is supposed to be a microscopic representation of the body of Messiah.  However it goes with me is the way it is going to go with all the body of Messiah.”

At the same time I confessed this sensation / feeling, my ex-wife confessed she also had a very strong similar sensation.  I find this completely and totally profound altogether.  Remembering the oath which I swore before giving this testimony, I share the following:

My ex-wife can only best be described as a microscopic representation of apostate Yisrael, whom Yahoshua divorced (YirmeYahu (Jeremiah) 3).  In this testimony, I am “a type and shadow” of Yahoshua.  (No, I do not have a Messiah complex.)  Our Messiah never wanted to divorce Yisrael.  However, He was left with no other choice due to her marvellous rebellion. 

In June 2006, I was divorced by the STATE OF FLORIDA, even though I filed a written letter of protest and I had never signed the divorce papers.  Just like Yahoshua, I never wanted to be divorced from my first wife.  Yahoshua has done everything in His power to seek reconciliation with Yisrael; He even laid down His life on a stake.  He did this after He divorced her in order to reconcile her to Himself.

In yet another “type and shadow” picture, after our divorce, I laid down my life for my ex-wife when I fasted from all food and nutrition for forty-four straight days.  (This was the second time in my life that I had committed to 44 days of prayer and fasting.)  I earnestly prayed day and night for her deliverance and salvation and for the reconciliation of our marriage.  Alas, just like the people of Yahudah, she had established “covenants of death” which she has not repented of until this day.  That is why she was not able to repent and return to her husband.  

Note: If you do not know what a “covenant of death” is, then I encourage you to check out Curses, Covenants of Death and Wicked Soul Ties ~ Part 2

Yahudah (Yahoshua’s bride at His first coming) conspired with the STATE OF ROME to put their Groom to death and cursed themselves “with a covenant of death”.  This is why they will never again be the bride of covenant as a nation (MattithYahu (Matthew) 27:25).  In another exact “type and shadow” picture, my ex-wife and her lover conspired with the STATE OF FLORIDA to try to put me in prison for life; i.e., kill my life and keep me from fulfilling my Heavenly destiny.  After twenty months, I was released from jail when a jury found me “not guilty” in less than 5 minutes.

It was on the third day (of the feast of unleavened bread) that Yahoshua rose from the dead.  In yet another “type and shadow” picture, after almost 20 months of being unlawfully detained; i.e., two days (because the zeros do not count in Hebrew reckoning), I was released from the grave of the Charlotte County Jail.  After almost two (thousand year) days (i.e., 2Kepha (Peter) 3:8), the Messianic saints of Yahweh will be raptured and resurrected from the grave.  

Our father Ya‘acob served his uncle Laban for twenty years.  After twenty years, he left Laban with his family and accumulated wealth.  Ya‘acob testified that if it was not for Yahweh’s covenant provision and protection, he would have left Laban’s house with nothing (Bereshith (Genesis) 31:41-42).

In another “type and shadow” picture of our father Ya‘acob, I was arrested on March 1st, 2007 and I was married to Jenn on March 10th, 2009; i.e., two years for Ya‘acob’s twenty. (Again, zeros count for nothing in the Hebrew reckoning.)  While I was in the jail, I labored in the Gospel day and night without pay or recognition of any kind – until this day.  Not only did I not get paid for ministering faithfully day and night, but I was also forced into servitude on behalf of the jail’s populace.  In addition, when I refused to submit to this forced servitude on the seventh day Shabbat of Yahweh, I was placed into confinement as corporal punishment.

I was told by the jail chaplain that I was not allowed to keep the set-apart Shabbat of Yahweh because I was not a Yahudim by birth; nor was I a convert of Yahudasim (i.e., Judaism).  After two very long years, I finally began to receive my wages.  Just like in the “type and shadow” picture of Ya‘acob, I had brought my bride of betrothal from her home land of Arkansas to my home land of Florida.  The day we got married, we had $25.00 (US) to our names.  The first day of our marriage we were blessed with a love offering of $900.00 (US).  The primary meaning of the number nine in Hebrew is “absolute truth”.  (Again, the zeros do not mean anything in the Hebrew reckoning.)

The next day, we were both gainfully employed in a recession economy, and we were working for an above-average income.  We worked very hard together our entire first year of marriage. We would work really hard, for weeks / months at a time; and then we would play and relax for weeks / months at a time.  It truly was a wonderful honeymoon year.  We promised each other that we would honeymoon until the Messiah returns for His bride.

In yet another picture, Ya‘acob’s bride Rachel (i.e., the virgin bride of her youth) acted out of fear and stole her father’s idols when she left her father Laban’s house.  She then lied to her father in order to escape the consequences of her actions.  In a very similar way, my wife Jenn also acted out of fear when she left her grandma’s house to come to Florida with me.  Jenn also lied to some of her family because of overwhelming fear of what they might do to her if she left her home in Arkansas in order to join her husband of betrothal in Florida.

As a matter of fact, just as Laban chased after Ya‘acob to overtake him to bring his daughters back by force – Jenn’s mother, sister and brother in-law also chased after her.  They reported her as being kidnapped by me so they could have her returned to Arkansas by force.  Even after this contrived attempt failed miserably, her mother has continued to work diligently to break up our marriage and destroy our ministry.

In closing, while I was detained in the jail, I was told by the Spirit of Yahweh that the mantle of YirmeYahu (Jeremiah) was resting upon my life.  I have only recently “discovered” that YirmeYahu had a forty-year ministry of warning the people of Yahudah of Yahweh’s coming judgment.  From YirmeYahu chapter one, we know Yahweh called YirmeYahu when he was still very young.

I was born again and filled with the Spirit of Yahweh when I was just five years old.  It was at this time that I first began to be used of the Spirit to lead people to repent of their sins.  From the time I was called out until the time of Yahoshua’s return for the bride will be exactly forty years.   Yahweh is absolutely sovereign and providentially in control over all things, more than we ever dared to imagine or even hoped to think.

I pray you will be wise as serpents and gentle as doves with this testimony and witness that has been given to you this day.  Please feel free to share this testimony as you feel led by the Spirit.  Please pray and ask Yahweh for the fullness of the revelation He wants you to receive from it.

Shalom Aleichem,
In Spirit and In Truth,
His servant and yours,
Robert McDuffie ~ Mismore (Psalm) 19







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  1. One more thing… It is a popular Hebrew tradition to marry on the third day of the week (Tuesday). They like to marry on this particular day because it is the only day of the special creation that our Creator saw / said that “it was good” twice (Bereshith (Genesis) 1:10-13). We had no idea of this tradition, until just this year. However, it just so happens that our wedding day (March 10th 2010) was on a Tuesday. Finally, the Hebrew people usually get married under a canopy or a chuppah (pronounced hoo-pah). Many times the chuppah is the groom’s tahlit (pronounced tah-leet) (a Hebrew prayer shawl). Again, I had no idea of either of these traditions at the time. However, I just happened to have a brand new tahlit that was still in the original box. My mother had given it to me years earlier and I had never placed any real importance or value on it. Even though I thought it was a peculiar gift, I still accepted it, because it was from my mother. Right before Jenn and I exchanged our wedding vows, the Spirit spoke to my heart and told me that I was to give the tahlit to Jenn and cover her with it while I spoke my wedding vows to her. Our very first kiss was under the prayer shawl, our chuppah! Our Heavenly Father is truly the ultimate romantic!

  2. Incredibly, just yesterday, my wife and I were talking about how most of the body and bride of Messiah still truly erroneously believe that “No one can know the day or the hour of our Groom’s coming for His bride.” As I wrote in the blog “The Sign of Jonah and The Seventy Weeks of Daniel” the overwhelming majority of people will be looking to observe the Feast of Trumpets 2016 in October (due to the traditions of men) – while in all actuality it will begin as the Sun sets on September 1st. Thus, Yom Teruah (The Feast of Trumpets) 2016 will fall on a day and hour when most people will not know.

    What can only be described as a miraculous coincidence – we only just now realized that we got married a full month earlier than when we originally thought we were going to marry. I.e. March 10th instead of April 12th. Prior to the actual date we became husband and wife – neither of us had any previous idea that we were going to get married that very day. This is the seventh time that it has been revealed to our hearts, by the set-apart Spirit of Elohim, how our heavenly arranged betrothal has matched the exact picture of Yahoshua’s coming for His Betrothed Bride of Favour! All I can say is – Baruch haShem Yahweh Elohim – who has done great and mighty things for us!

  3. At the time I wrote was revealed to me (above), I earnestly held to the false belief that the rapture of the Bride will transpire on Yom Teruah (The Feast of the Trumpets of Judgment). However, when the rapture didn’t happen on this date in 2016 – all I could do was humble myself once again and pray and ask for further revelation. Those prayers yielded an abundance of revelation – more than I could ask or think – concerning the feast of Shavuot (Pentecost).

    All the time lines the Father has revealed to me in this study (and all the other studies I have published) are still 100% correct – to the best of my knowledge and understanding – according to what has been revealed to me by the Spirit of Truth! Only they have always applied from Shavuot 1948 and not Yom Teruah 1947. Even though my error concerning this date was in complete ignorance – I do apologize for boldly declaring Yom Teruah as the day of the rapture out of my learned ignorance (from the traditions of men) and not by the Spirit of Truth and the full counsel of the Word!

    Shalom, shalom! His servant and yours,
    Robert-Arthur: McDuffie ~ Gal. 6:14


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