My Apology & Teshuva (Repentance) For The False Prediction Concerning Sept 5th

Shalom, shalom in the name of Yahoshua haMaShiach,

I, Robert Arthur McDuffie, have stated emphatically and on the record in both writing and in video / audio recordings (all of which I have left posted and unedited on the internet) that I specifically heard from YHWH Elohim that the United States and the Western economies would crash on the 5th of September 2013.

From all of the evidence I have witnessed, I do not believe that, that has happened. I do not offer up any excuses whatsoever, it is self-evident that I have proclaimed falsely in the most set-apart Name of YHWH and that I am, quite frankly, just another liar. Of this matter, the Scriptures are true, “YHWH alone is 100% true and every man is a liar.” The Torah is very clear concerning this matter. At this time, I deserve to die for having said that YHWH said, when quite obviously YHWH did not say concerning this matter. There are no batting averages when it comes to proclaiming in the name of YHWH. It does not matter how many times before I have got it right, it only matters that in this particular and specific instance I got it dead wrong – 100%!

I confess my grievous transgression against the sovereign throne of YHWH as sin and I do not try to hide it or make excuses for it (even though I am truly quite perplexed by the fullness of my misunderstanding concerning what was revealed to me last year). No matter what happens today, tomorrow or over the next three years, the absolute reality is that I was dead wrong about what I stated would happen specifically on September 5th 2013.

Due to the failure of this prediction to manifest as I have prophesied I have now joined a hoard of others throughout the pages of history who have made date specific proclamations, which have absolutely failed to come to pass.

I commit myself to the merciful hand of YHWH and ask for His forgiveness. I ask Him to do with me as it pleases Him, according to His perfect will. In addition, I ask for the forgiveness of all those whom I have unintentionally harmed, hurt or caused injury to, due to my most serious and grievous error. I was / am wrong concerning this prediction and I am truly very sorry and I ask for your forgiveness and mercy.

No doubt, from what I have personally observed these past 90 days, (namely / mainly the innumerable false and hateful attacks my family and I have had to endure) there are plenty of believers who are more than willing to pick up their stones to hurl at me – to injure me and even kill me in their self-righteous and venomous attacks. Thankfully, YHWH is my Judge, the one who will execute my sentence and carry out my punishment and not mere mortal men.

He alone knows that I made this false prediction out of gross ignorance and serious delusion of what I understood to be factually correct and that I did not (nor have I ever) made any false prophetic declaration willfully or with malice toward Him or any other party. I plead the blood of Yahoshua haMaShiach (which covers a multitude of sins) over my life and the false words that I have spoken and trust that I will find forgiveness with Him, even if all others refuse to do so.

I ask that you please pray for me and my family at this time as we continue to seek Him with all of our heart, mind and strength and try to gain understanding and perspective concerning all of this gross misunderstanding.

Shalom aleichem, in sincerity and truth,

Robert Arthur McDuffie ~ Psalm (Mizmore) 51

Ps – Many, many prophetic voices have declared the significance of the three year time frame we are presently living in concluding with Yom Teruah 2016. It is very, very possible that we are going to see some real world altering excitement between now and the feast of Sukkot. Most notably on or around Yom Kippur (September 15th, 2013).

By every means possible I would like to encourage everyone to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly before Elohim. Yahoshua is coming soon! By His great mercy may we all be ready to receive Him with the honor He alone deserves.

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  1. The true character of a man is not found in how many things he does correct but when he is wrong, he is able to say, “I was wrong, please forgive me.”

    I have no doubt many will mock, ridicule and be ever so quick to discard you to the trash. However, I commend you, my love for you willingness to stand firm on your convictions even if it is manifested to be wrong.

    After being with you for almost 5 years, I know for certain that you love YHWH, you love His word and you love His people. Many others would testify this to be the truth too. I know you will continue to love YHWH, love His word and His people – no matter what they say or do to you or us.

    YHWH is still on the throne and He is still in control. We submit to Him and whatever His will is for our lives and leave everything else in His merciful hands. Ek lief jou baie baie.

    • Thank you Semaja for your compassion towards me during this time. As always, you are my best friend, life partner and the favor of YHWH toward me in the flesh. The endless, uninterrupted honey-moon continues! Forever and Always, Your Sweet Baboo

  2. Douglas Ray

     /  September 6, 2013

    Shalom, shalom Not to worry Rabbi McDuffie, we All make mistakes. I believe a crash is coming also, maybe Next Rosh Hashanah, who knows, but it’s coming. I’m kinda stuck researching Revelation 12 appearing in the constellations Virgo & Leo on Sept. 23, 2017. Which will add 1260 days from that date. So if we subtract 3-1/2 years from 9/23/17 it brings us to March 2014 to start Daniel’s 70th week, (I think, lol, might be wrong). But anyway, I still look forward to your teachings from your sincere, humble and honest heart. Have a Great Day! Shalom, shalom Brother Doug

  3. Douglas Ray

     /  September 6, 2013

    Brother Robert,
    Elohim has blessed you with knowledge, conviction, and a good heart…This is very evident to me. I grew up in a home where my whole childhood I was being told of the end times to come. Being told dates, signs, and opinions… All from my Father and Uncles..Frankly it scared the life out of me. I remember feeling I wasn’t going to see 10 yrs old, then 13, then 15, until finally I was so sick of it I ignored the word. I was so resentful to my dad and uncles, even Elohim himself for putting this fear in me.
    Well as I grew into an adult and turned back to the word of our Father in heaven my eyes were opened and truly started to see for the first time in my life. I found that when YHWH is with you and a part of you all fears turn into feelings of love and anxiety turns into excitement.
    I also realized that what my father and uncles were doing was not to scare me but prepare me for the good fight. They taught me to not flee from the word but to caress it. It took me over a decade to truly understand this, these were lessons of true love. I was very fortunate to have these lessons taught to me throughout my life, it made me the man in Elohim I am today.
    The way the you teach I feel that you sincerely do so with all the love of Elohim. I can tell you that my family and I really benefited from your lessons. They made me examine my life and what I was doing and where I was with our creator. Although you may have been wrong in one regard you are right in so many others.
    Do not be hard on yourself brother, just as my dad, all you said and taught was done so with loving intent.
    Thank you for caring and having the courage, you and your family will be in my prayers.
    (Sorry for the short story!)
    Romans 8:1-39

  4. Amy Gurski

     /  September 7, 2013

    Grace, Grace to you dear one. We love you and bless you with Father’s love and grace. I pray you extend to yourself the same love, mercy and grace that you endeavor to extend to others and Father God, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit liberally and happily extend to you. No worries…Father is not as rocked as you may think…He knows our hearts..and He would rather we try and fail than not spend our talents at all. You are loved and treasured beyond measure. God Bless you.

    • Thank you Doug, the other Doug and Amy for your outpouring of mercy and loving kindness toward me – a fellow sojourner. I have felt the arms of the Father above reach down to me and embrace me and restore me through all of your comments as well as the dozens of e-mails and FB comments that I have also received. Yah’s people have the potential to be truly amazing (when we love one another as we love ourselves by His Spirit) and it has truly re-NEW-ed my spirit, faith and hope to know such love from all my fellow sojourners. Shabbat shalom and all my love.

      MattithYahu (Matt) 5:7 ~ “Blessed are the compassionate, because they shall obtain compassion.” ~ Hallelu-Yah!!!

  5. Donna Moore

     /  September 7, 2013

    Brother McDuffie, Of course I forgive you. It takes so much courage to ask for forgiveness when you have been wrong–I see that.  But–do not let this discourage you–I am praying that Abba will show you clearly, as you are in this time of seeking Him, and that He will use you now more than ever.  I am certainly not going to judge you–how many times have I been wrong when I thought I heard from Abba?  Too many.  I hope I am learning from my experiences as you already have.  Just press in Brother, as you are doing–don’t look back and continue on.  Abba will continue to use you–it is too late in the day, and you are a Watchman–we, Abba’s people need you. Your Sister, Donna McAtee


  6. Henry Vatcher

     /  September 7, 2013

    Bravo Robert! Sh’ Shalom,
    Your willingness to walk humbly before YHVH is an example to us all.
    What are the lessons that can be learned here? I am sure you have asked that same thing and gone over it many times. Here are my observations/comment.

    1. There are many wonderful events that have happened that bring glory to Him, it is good to search these things out, but they are retrospective in nature. In other words we are looking back at His handiwork. They are signs leading us to Him. How much reliance should we make in their use to predict future event? An example would be the red sky at night, does it always delight the shepherds?

    2. The next point is focus. I confess my own failing in listening to too many other voices. This leaves me with a headache, no shalom and a whole host of discernment issues. Hmm. All this when I could be with the source. Father focused, messiah cantered, spirit saturated, Torah rooted, Israel engraphted is written upon our own assembly.

    Adding in a point on focus. What was the central focus of The Messiah? It was the kingdom, not a kingdom near but correctly translated as the kingdom is HERE. How are we doing in advancing the here kingdom leading many to righteousness peace and joy?

    3. Spirit saturated, Torah rooted. Will the spirit reveal anything that is not already in the scriptures? Our experience must come up to scriptures not the other way round. Otherwise the experiance is subjective and based on no standard at all. Also our discernment, based on scriptures should not be caught up with people’s opinions or interpretations of what the scripture says but what it actually says. A good example of this is Jer 31:31 which says the new covenant was made with Israel and Judah and has been ignored by the majority. Interpretation and opinion seem to rule. Isaiah 8 says go back to the Word not to the babbel!

    Should we interpreting the Word based on our situation or interpreting the situation based on G_d’s word? We all have to be very careful to not to get an idea and approach the scripture to support our idea. This is all too common error.

    4. The nearer we get to The Messiah’s return the more will be revealed. This is the understanding I believe of the Daniel 12, a progressive revelation, we can now go back and forth in the word and knowledge will increase. Those who have insight will shine brightly as also those who lead the many to rightiousness.

    5. We are in the company of the disciples who asked The Messiah what would be the sign of your coming. Mat 24 tells us what to look out for and what not to look out for, and I think we all agree we are in these times. But I believe the focus of this passage is from v42+. Therefore be alert and be ready. We as hebrews need to communicate clearly the understanding that to be prepared is not something you do the night before! This is the shofar call surely? Afterall the servent who was doing the father’s business (of the kingdom) , giving food to the household of the master, is the one who was blessed when He came, not the one who was not and who was the one with deep regret. (Weeping and knashing of teeth)

    I dont know if this is my first post, i think it is, but my wife and I have been suitably moved to encourage and pray for you . In writing this i know you are also deeply commited to these principles especially those of the kingdom and feeding the bretherin. Do not shrink back from the call you have, but pursue and have the mind of Yeshua in all you do. B’Shem Yeshua

  7. Ejimanze

     /  September 9, 2013

    The danger with dating, social or prophetic, is that the date may disappoint, and you end up embarrassed and dubbed one of them ‘lo here, lo there!’ prophets. I ain’t making any excuses for you, you have to carry your cross of a bungled date and follow on to know the Lord. But boy, you were real close on target! Only a 4-day margin of error. Pretty close, that, if you ask me.
    Now, it so happened that on 1st September 2013, after a particular experience and beholding of events in the highest heavens, a Voice declared authoritatively – ‘Filled and sealed!’ That’s it, ‘It is done!’ With that declaration, the Lord God Almighty finished the work He set out to do 6000 years ago of making man in His own image, after His own likeness.
    The Man in the image of God, the Manchild, the Bride, the Overcomer has been fully formed and established in the 3rd heavens. The manifestation at the earth level is a matter of time – what I call prophetic light years.
    I believe this is what you capted and dated, but then what with Joshua holding up the heavens for a whole 24 hours, and Elijah shoving the sun back 10 degrees on the sun dial of Ahaz, and who knows what the Elijahs and Joshuas of today are up to manipulating the cosmos, it becomes a risky business venture swearing by YHWH on any calculated date.

    Cheer up, brother. The Most High is not gonna kill you for taking a shot at figuring out His deep, deep mind. In fact, I see Him giving you an encouraging tap on the shoulder with a smile, saying, ” Good shot, Bob! Don’t give up trying. I’ll rather have you figuring out the times and seasons the Father has put in His hands than just gliding by!”

    Love U,


  8. Ejimanze

     /  September 9, 2013

    The completion of the New Creation Man signals the end of the Old Creation Man which is typified by the Western Economic and Political powers. To cover and divert attention from this great overthrow that has taken place in the heavenlies, the powers that used to be raised and still raise a lot of dust over Syria. This is the real spiritual reason for all the hoo haa of chemical weapons and bombing Syria.
    Next I will tell of how God used events in my office to typify these things and how I told it to the nations on 3rd Sept. I tell you brother, you were seeing something big taking place in the heavenlies!

  9. Yitzhak

     /  September 9, 2013

    There are two sprits – the Spirit of truth, and the spirit of lies and deceit. We know who the father of lies is, and we know that the Spirit of truth is never wrong… ever. I absolutely believe that Mr. McDuffie was given his “prophesy” by the spirit that leads him.

    His apology is nice but I don’t think he completely grasps what he has done. I appreciate that he did not just take the post down and hide -try to pretend he never said these things.

    That said, speaking falsely in the Name of Yahweh is the most grievous of transgression. I believe this is indeed blasphemy against the Ruach h’Kodesh. It causes people do doubt… to fall away. It cases Jews to laugh and Christians to see the Torah pursuant (Netzari) faith as a circus side show. Again, I will never be the one to cast the first stone as I have sinned very much in my life. But What I call McDuffie to do, and what I encourage every brother and sister in Mashiyach to do is to publically condemn Mr. McDuffie – call him to depart, go away. He is not a teacher of Yah- he is a servant of the enemy (though he may not even be aware that he is). If he is truly repentant, I hope that he will immediately take down his website, remove is YouTube and Vimeo “teachings”… both are so fraught with error that I don’t even know where to start. If Mr. McDuffie is truly repentant he will go away and never attempt to lead the people of Yah astray again. We have enough people teaching error. If Mr. McDuffie is truly repentant he will return every dollar that anyone has ever sent him… as he took the opportunity to beg for money at the end of his YouTube teaching… much in the way the sheisters have done for years on Christian TV.

    I would say that Mr. McDuffie has joined the ranks of Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, and Benny Hinn. But the truth is he has done far worse. He is much more subtle then these snake oil salesmen (and women)… McDuffie claims to have a “doctorate” and claiming to know Torah… neither of which is true. He makes these claims so that the unlearned trust him… it makes them easy to deceive. Worse than anything –he did something I have not heard from any of these con artists on Christian TV.… He publically stated his prophesy was from Yahweh… even so much as he emphatically states “So there is absolutely no misunderstanding of this communication or its motivation, I Robert Arthur McDuffie do solemnly swear, as Yahweh Elohim lives, that all of my communication (as contained in this posting) is in Truth, complete and motivated solely by my love for Messiah Yahoshua of Nazareth, our Heavenly Abba and for you, my dear brother and sister in Yahoshua haMashiach. If I am not swearing truthfully then may Yahweh Elohim of Hosts strike me dead immediately that all may learn to fear who would falsely swear by His most Set-apart Name”

    Really? Just a pass here? He has incriminated himself and stated what he believes should be the result of blaspheming, profaning and swearing falsely in the Name of Yahweh. Are we going to stand for Yahweh? Or with one who lies and deceives? Our Mashiyach (our example) had no issue with calling out those who were of their father the adversary. Will we have the spine to do the same? Or will we be like so many in Christianity that allow such wickedness to exist? Will we (at least figuratively) put evil out of the camp? Or will we suffer corporately for letting false prophets walk around in our midst – unpunished? I am not holding a stone in my hand, but I am standing on His truth… and I am sounding the alarm. There is a wolf among the sheep.

    Yah’s grace has been abused by so many for so long. For his sake, I hope that McDuffie is forgiven by Yahweh. But consequences are consequences. If someone engages in dangerous sexual activity – they might very well die as a result of their choice. Can he or she be forgiven for such sin – of course. But that doesn’t mean the consequence for the sin is removed. Furthermore, Mr. Mc Duffie’s transgression is against Yahweh and His Set-Apart name… it is the same sin that the adversary has committed time and again… cause people to doubt and question. Deceive and lead astray. Please have enough intestinal fortitude to (figuratively) put evil out of the camp.. otherwise we will all suffer the ramifications of disobedience as one corporate body.

    I found it particularly galling that – after Mr. McDuffie’s so called “apology” he ended it with a Ps. And began prognosticating again? Amazing. Go away false prophet!

    I am absolutely shocked and amazed that there are so many weak men (and women) giving Mr. McDuffie a pass here. This isn’t his first false prophesy. Furthermore, when will you stand up for your King? What will you do when it gets really hard? Will you stand for truth then, if you won’t do it now? This man disgraced himself and profaned the Set-Apart name of our King. I expect this from those who advocate the greasy-grace of Christian doctrine, but for people who claim to stand firmly on His Word?

    This isn’t just sin folks… this man didn’t cheat on his wife or cheat on his taxes. He profaned the Holy Name of Yahweh and blasphemed the Ruach! Grow spines people. We know that Torah shall be restored and will be the constitution of the Kingdom. Mashiyach will rule that Kingdom with a rod of iron. We all know what the punishment is for prophesying falsely in the name of Yahweh… Mr. McDuffie should be on his face in gratitude that he does not live in that restored kingdom today! All have sinned, and none is worthy to cast the first stone… but to give him a pass after he blasphemed, and profaned the Name of our Father? Where is your loyalty? What do you stand for? Who do you stand for?

    This man was so haughty an arrogant toward ignorant Sunday Christians on his YouTube teaching… but is far worse than the ones he condemned in that teaching. Most in the church do not walk in Torah because they are simply ignorant to the truth, having inherited lies from their fathers… Mr. McDuffie doesn’t have such an excuse. He knew the punishment for this most grievous sin against Yahweh before he ever decided to make such a false prophesy in the Name of Yahweh. If he didn’t know the repercussions, he definitely shouldn’t be teaching the Torah… and if he did… and he has proven that he serves the enemy through his lies and his deceit (it’s either truth or its lies, folks)… then he should just go away. He has been given plenty of rope.

    Ps. I have a soft heart and love for the lost… its ok to be wrong, we have all been wrong. But to say “Thus saith Yahweh” falsely is blasphemy of His Spirit – His Voice. Mr. McDuffie you have profaned the name of my Father and I will unapologetically call you out as the servant of the enemy (the father of lies) that you are – whether you know it or not.

    To all – Please know that I do not hate Mr. McDuffie… but I hate what religious flim-flam men like McDuffie do to the unsuspecting. Mr. Mc Duffie lacks Fear of Yahweh… hence he lacks wisdom. I have seen firsthand the destruction and devastation that comes when people are duped by men looking to amass their own following and to profit off of the ignorant. Mr. McDuffie didn’t have a moment of weakness in this. He didn’t succumb to a struggle in his life, like lust or drinking. He didn’t have a momentary lapse of judgment… he had time to think about what he would post as he was writing it. Mashiyach tells us that His sheep know His voice. Mc Duffie heard a voice all right… but it seems that Mr. McDuffie does not know the voice of our Shepherd, or he would have known that the voice he was hearing wasn’t one he should be paying any heed to. Either that or McDuffie knew very well who’s voice he was hearing….

    I will give Mc Duffie the befit of the doubt here and just assume he is unable to discern the Voice of Truth from the voice of the enemy. I shudder to think he intentionally chose to do the enemy’s bidding. May Yahweh forgive him – and may He give us discerning hearts that we would be harmless as doves… but wise as serpents.

  10. I personally feel since Yitzhak took so much of his valuable time to state his case, the least I could do was to give him a plat form to have his say (after all this plat form is moderated by yours truly – !00%). I sincerely hope he doesn’t change his mind in the upcoming days and weeks and come back to take it down. The truth is that we are all going to be judged severely one day for every single word we have spoken. If I have learned anything through this experience it is to be a whole lot more guarded in how I state the message I have been given to speak. Even though I think brother Yitzhak confuses his beliefs and strong opinions with facts, I still believe in his right to be heard in this forum. Shalom, shalom, R

  11. Yitzhak

     /  September 9, 2013

    Not to worry. I will not be taking down my post. It was intended to do two things. 1.) to call a false prophet to step down and 2.) to warn those who have received the love of the Truth. Ejimanze said: “Cheer up, brother. The Most High is not gonna kill you for taking a shot at figuring out His deep, deep mind. In fact, I see Him giving you an encouraging tap on the shoulder with a smile, saying, ” Good shot, Bob! Don’t give up trying. I’ll rather have you figuring out the times and seasons the Father has put in His hands than just gliding by!”
    To which I must ask: Ejimanze, have you read Yahweh’s Word? Who said these words Elimanze?:
    “you shall not certainly die” Genesis 3:4
    You are telling Mr. McDuffie Yahweh won’t kill him for doing the very thing Yahweh says is worthy of death. Just as the adversary told Chavah that she would not die… despite that fact that Yahweh said she would.
    But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in My name, which I have not commanded him to speak, … that prophet shall die.’ Deuteronomy 18:20
    You say Yahweh will not kill Mr. McDuffie but Yahweh says the opposite.
    Let Yahweh be true and every man a liar (Rom 3:4)
    Yahweh does not change my brother. If we were living in a Torah-Kingdom, Yahweh would have most certainly called for the death of Mr. McDuffie. Mr. McDuffie didn’t “take a shot” He prophesied falsely in the name of the Almighty… something Yah takes so seriously that he says that those who do this are to be put to death in order to purge evil from your midst. So, that we will always know what word is from Yahweh and what is from the adversary.
    Mr. McDuffie I will say this – I do believe you were sent of Yah in one respect. Because Yah Himself says He sends false prophets to try (test) us… to see if we will follow said false prophet or to see if we will sound the alarm.
    You didn’t “make a mistake” Mr. McDuffie… you didn’t “Take a shot” Mr. McDuffie… no, you didn’t simply “date set” Mr. McDuffie!! You prophesied falsely in the Name of the Almighty Yahweh Elohim. Do you get it? Do you understand the seriousness of this? Do those patting you on the back out here understand how serious this is? Folks it really doesn’t get more serious. It’s one thing to date set – Michael Rood loves doing this – but to his credit he at least has enough fear to never say “Yahweh said”. Where is the fear Mr. McDuffie? Yahweh DOES INDEED STRIKE PEOPLE DEAD… for far less than profaning His Holy Name by prophesying in His Name Presumptuously. You have mocked our Maker and our King through your reckless “prophesying”… and that doesn’t matter to your followers. To those who think Yahweh winks at this, read your Scripture. He is sending this false prophet to test YOUR HEART. Who will you stand for?
    People please understand this… Yahweh never errors. EVER. If Yahweh says something will happen on a certain date, you can take that to the bank. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that things are heating up. We are anticipating things to happen. Mr. McDuffie simply plays upon this… and upon those who lack discernment. Mr. McDuffie is indeed proof that the end is drawing near because our Mashiyach warns us “And many false prophets will appear and will deceive many people” Matt 24:11
    There you go… you have one of the “many” that Mashiyach warned you of… right here in your midst. Will you heed His warning or disregard it?
    Even if the economy tanks tomorrow, it does not change the fact that Mr. McDuffie is among those who Mashiyach warned you about…. Yahweh never errors. So, Mr. McDuffie’s “prophesy” can only be one of two things. 1.) a “prophesy” given to him by the father of lies, or 2.) a lie from Mr. McDuffie himself. There is no other option.
    But the most grievous thing… the thing I cannot stress enough isn’t that Mr. McDuffie “took a shot” am missed. HE SAID HIS REVELATION CAME FROM YAHWEH AND UNDERSTOOD THE RAMIFICATIONS OF SUCH A STATEMENT.
    I cannot for the life of me understand how this doesn’t send absolute shivers down the spine of all who have witnessed this. It doesn’t get more serious folks. Please tell me you understand that. This isn’t a game, and Yahweh will not be toyed with. If you refuse to respond according to THE WILL OF YAHWEH by publically rebuking Mr. McDuffie and calling for him to step down, then you are complicit! Where is your fear? Repent!
    Understand something, I am not calling anyone to exact the punishment required in the Torah, as there is no righteous beit din, and we are not currently under a Torah government (it’s coming). But to keep silent about this, or worse – to give Mr. McDuffie a consoling pat on the back is simply dangerous. Yahweh will take vengeance for this – (and He says “I WILL REPAY”)… so, it is not up to any person. That said, we are called to put evil out of our camp.
    If Mr. McDuffie really understood the gravity of what he has done… if he were sincerely repentant, we wouldn’t have to call for him to step down. The conviction of his own heart would cause him to do it. May Yah have mercy on you Mr. McDuffie – I mean that will all sincerity of heart. I am scared for you… and for those you mislead.

    • You are entitled to your say Yitzhak but it is obvious that many disagree with your assessment. You speak as if you do not believe that Yah is capable of doing as He will’s for Robert’s life.

      Many see a heart that is repentive before YHWH. A heart that did not wilfully or maliciously deceive YHWH’s people. As Robert’s wife, I have watched him plenty of times plead with people to make sure they have no wilful sin in their lives – always heeding his own counsel.

      Is one simply suppose to forget the very call to share the Gospel with others – to point others to the saving power of Y’shua and to encourage them to walk in a set-apart relationship of obedience because they “missed the mark”!?

      To that I would respond and say, NO! Not one place in Scripture did YHWH’s people quit proclaiming His truth because of the grievous transgressions they fell into. On the contrary, by Yah’s mercy, they repented and many times were recorded as going on to do mighty works for the Kingdom.

      Press on my lief (Robert), my sweet baboo, proclaiming the truth and leave everything & everyone else in Yah’s hands!!

  12. Yitzhak

     /  September 9, 2013

    With all due respect, the “many” you speak of are the few people here that follow Mr. McDuffie blindly while ignoring the clear word of Yah. This is always dangerous. There have been many cult leader who had “many” followers throughout time. Even if there were “many” here… there are many muslims, many mormons… both who follow a false prophet who has (supposedly) heard the voice of the Almighty and been led astray. Might I ask… how can we know who is sent of Yah and who isn’t? Mr. McDuffie is not giving his followers his opinion… He spoke on behalf of Yah Himself. And He spoke error on Yahweh’s behalf – in his Name. This is not simply to “miss the mark”. False prophets like Mr. McDuffie were sent to try the hearts of the people… and our Mashiyach warned of their coming. It’s fine if the “many” on this board have no problem with patting a false prophet on the back and continuing to follow him… Yah is sifting sifting. Every time Israel compromised they fell. Saul compromised and it ended badly for him. Sadly, those here who are willing to compromise Truth with end up irrelevant… or worse. Standing for truth isn’t fun. But I am (like many) a watchman on the wall. I am called to sound the alarm… a false prophet (which Mr. McDuffie confesses to be) must be put out of the damp. I am not at all saying Yah can’t forgive… I would never dare to do that. But according to the Torah, Mr. McDuffie has committed a trespass worthy of death… at minimum he is now disqualified from leading, teaching or “prophesying” further (as he would be dead if we were living in a Torah Kingdom)… dead men give no prophesies. And false prophets were to be put to death so they could not continue to lead others astray. Should Mr. McDuffie’s followers continue to follow him after they have been tried (tested) then their blood is on their own hands. Had I sat by and watched… their blood would have been on mine. I have done as Yah commands, and my conscience is clear. May Yahs will be done. Shlama.

  13. Shalom, shalom Yitzhak, for the sake of edifying the body I am compelled to share a couple key points you seem to have overlooked in your zeal for YHWH and His Torah.

    First, ALL sins that are unto death are always forgiven by YHWH as long as the guilty party confesses their sin, repents of it, asks for forgiveness and resolves to never do it again – “as YHWH lives”. This has always been the case since the beginning. You are preaching the letter of Torah that kills and not the Spirit of Torah which gives life. If you do not believe this to be true then you must believe Father to be a double-standard hypocrite. After all He was merciful to king David (1Shemuel (Samuel) 11& 12) and to Ahab (1Melakim (Kings) 21).

    He would not allow for Himself to be merciful to those who humbled themselves and then turn around and not allow His delegated human representatives to do the same.

    Second, this is the first and only time which I have stated anything in the Name of YHWH and it did not come to pass as I had understood that it would. (While it is true that there are many people who would challenge me on this last statement, their challenges are always based on their lack of understanding and personal opinion and not any real factual claims. I am always open to being proven wrong and I will quickly repent again publicly – if that should ever be needful.)

    The content of the prophecy stands!

    I did not repent of the content of the prophecy recorded here or anywhere else for that matter because there is no need to. All the prophecy is / was true, I simply got the date completely wrong and I will not foolishly attempt to try to reset it. That is why I stated in the Ps for everyone to please continue to make teshuva and to remain alert!

    Third, I highly commend to you 1Melakim (Kings) 13 as it is the amazing account of two prophets of Yisrael, one younger and one older. A prayerful / careful study of this one chapter will completely destroy everything you believe to be true about the prophetic anointing, office and call.

    Fourth, your opinion does not count any more than mine does. No one is going to quote either of us in the kingdom of Heaven. Your definition of the blaspheme of the Set-Apart Spirit is completely contrary to the Scriptural definition. Just because you believe I have blasphemed the Set-Apart Spirit does not make it true. That is your opinion only and a very narrow one of which I do not know of one supporting Scripture.

    Finally, I have carefully examined my own heart and I have come to two very reasonable conclusions concerning why allowed my own heart to be deceived concerning the setting of the false date of September 5th.

    One – I knew that Yah’s people were giving themselves a false sense of comfort that the coming collapse was still a good ways off, based on the pattern set before them in the harbingers of judgment, which have been faithfully proclaimed by fellow watchman Jonathan Cahn. Due to this erroneous conclusion a great multitude now falsely believe that the great economic collapse is coming on the last day of Elul in 2015. This has lulled many into a completely false sense of security and a lethargic complacency has set in yet again.

    I know that I know that September 5th is the true shmitah of YHWH and that 2012/2013 was a Sabbath year. Based on everything that had previously been revealed to me (See the blog “The Prophetic Call of Abraham” – with dozens of confirmations); I logically presumed that the reason Father had revealed to me the time-line between 2013-2017 was to warn the people to repent now and not to hold onto their sins which lead to death any longer. My motivation was to wake Yah’s people up is at all possible! Today is the day of deliverance! Today is the day to repent with an upright and sincere heart!

    Yes, it was wrong of me to presume that the harbinger pattern would be fulfilled according to my understanding. (The truth is it might never be fulfilled in the exactness of our present understanding. It was part of a severe series of Heaven sent warnings to the people of the United States to wake up and make teshuva – not a road map, and that was my grievous mistake.) However, It was not wrong of me to want to give people an urgency to return to YHWH by the shed blood of Yahoshua and to ask for mercy and forgiveness for all their known sins. Like I said, if it was not for the supernatural revelation which was given to me just prior to me receiving the message of “The Harbinger”, then I would have never put the pieces together like I did.

    Two – I know my calling to South Africa is very unusual as it has been confirmed by three “impossible” signs and a fourth one is in the process of completion even now and is almost finished. In the subtle pride of my heart, I am quite sure that I felt that YHWH was going to use this specific date coming to pass to vindicate my calling to this nation, as I have suffered a great deal of false accusations and character assassination over the last three years – until this present day. All sin is ultimately rooted in pride isn’t it?

    YHWH could have shown me my presumptuous error at any time all along the way – from the time I first believed falsely in my heart that I had received additional revelation from Him concerning the Sept. 5th date up until I went to go post it on the internet. However, He chose not to do that in His sovereignty. He chose to allow me to fall flat on my face and to learn a very hard lesson from all of this experience. I am truly grateful to Him for allowing it to all work out this way, as no matter what – it is all for His esteem and He always knows what will bring Him the most esteem, honor and praise. Even through calling me to publicly repent and asking for forgiveness, His great and tender mercies toward me are bringing Him great esteem, honor and praise! This is the testimony of the full counsel of the Scriptures. At the end of the day that YHWH be esteemed and lifted up through my life whether through my promotion or great fall is really all that matters to me.

    In conclusion, I know that there is nothing I can say to convince you or anyone else of… well anything at all. All TRUTH can only come by revelation. However, I will go on as I have before, being quick to repent of all known sins, quick to release any offense to the payment made in full by the shed blood of Yahoshua, quick to pray for all mine enemies to sit next to me at the marriage supper of the Lamb, quick to thank YHWH for whatever should befall me, quick to rejoice in the presence of YHWH my strength in every situation and circumstance and quick to give all of the financial resources entrusted to us wherever He directs us to – as we have always done for the last five years.

    We do not have anything saved up for a rainy day. Nor a retirement plan. Nor any insurance whatsoever. Our trust is completely in the covenant of His favor and we would not have it any other way. We are living the abundant life to the full that YHWH promised us in His Torah. The last five years of our lives have been Heaven on earth and all the false accusations in the world will never cause me to stop declaring YHWH is good and His mercies are new every day.

    Sincerely and In truth, R

    Ps – My dear brother Yitzhak, you have stated many half truths and have made some outright false accusations in your previous comments. I sincerely pray that you have done this in complete ignorance and not in malice or hypocrisy. However, whether out of ignorance or otherwise, I forgive you, I love you and I sincerely hope that you are the one sitting next to me at the MSOTL as we raise our cup to the Groom and give Him the honor that He alone deserves.

    Shalom, shalom to all! The King is coming! Come my Husband, Come!

  14. False Prophets in ancient Israel quit proclaiming anything, because they were dead. And while we may forgive the sin, the Torah specifically tells us never to give head the the words of a false prophet ever again. Fool me one, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

    In my opinion Mr. McDuffie has no legitimate future in teaching or prophetic ministry.

    • Yitzhak

       /  September 10, 2013

      James… Scripture, and what our Father thinks doesn’t seem to be high on the list of priorities here. Sad.

  15. “When a prophet speaks in the Name of YHWH: if the thing follow not, nor come to
    pass, that is the thing which YHWH has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it
    presumptuously: you shall not be afraid of him.” (Deut. 18:22 HRV)

  16. You shall not consent unto him nor hearken unto him:… (Deut. 13:8(9))

  17. Ejimanze

     /  September 10, 2013

    Yitzhak, I guess you must be a Benjamite. U sure can throw stones and hit a hair at a 100m distance! So was Saul of Tarsus. Well, he literally got knocked off his high horse on his way to Damascus, and later became the Apostle of the super abounding grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. So there is hope for you, should you see yourself as judgemental. It is a genetic trait that I have been crying to God to deliver me from for quite a while now, and I think I am making progress.
    All you say may seem to rhyme with a dispensation when it appeared as if God was going about looking for the next person to whack on the head or knock off planet earth. I must confess I did have difficulties growing up in the faith reconciling the seemingly bloodthirsty Old Testament Jehovah with His-own-Blood-spilling New Testament Jesus. If YHWH of the Old is Yashua of the New, how come this split personality, this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide? Is God schizophrenic? The revelation understanding of the true nature and heart of God our Father as portrayed by Jesus Christ cleared this fog for me. The Lord our God is gracious and full of compassion, slow to anger and plenteous in mercy! And so Jesus tells you and me and all the left handed stone-throwing specialists – “I will have mercy!”

    I would recommend all re-read, Pilgrims Progress, by John Bunyan. Take note of how many times Christian went off track, barked up the wrong tree, but had to be helped back to the righteous path. Our brother Robert has learnt his lesson – it is dangerous dating spiritual events. He has repented. He is not a false prophet. I see what he saw in the spirit. It is a big, final blow to Babylon. It will hit this September – in the spirit realm. When it manifests on the earth realm depends on the prophetic light years from the 3rd heavens to earth.

    • Yitzhak

       /  September 10, 2013

      Brother – you are wide open for the deception Mashiyach warned us was coming.

      You say “Our brother Robert has learnt his lesson – it is dangerous dating spiritual events. He has repented. He is not a false prophet”

      Mr. McDuffie acknowledges the fact that he is indeed a false prophet. And of course he is the Scriptural definition of one. Let Yah be true and every man a liar. Stand for truth brother… not from your heart. The heart is deceitful!

      Mr. McDuffie motivates (and yes profits) from fear. But we are not given a spirit of fear.

      We can all read the writing on the wall. That isn’t “prophesy” – it’s common sense. If I am standing outside in a rain storm and Mr. McDuffie tells me I am getting rained on – that isn’t prophesy.

      Furthermore what you fail to understand is that Mr. McDuffie did not merely “date set” (which is foolish enough). No, he did something much more grievous. Please see my final response below and you might understand the gravity of what he has done. Please heed the warning given to you by our Father concerning the dangers of a false prophet “You shall not listen to him”. A false prophet is the enemy of truth… as is the father of lies.

      Shalom u’brachot ahki!

  18. Yitzhak

     /  September 10, 2013

    Mr. McDuffie stated “First, ALL sins that are unto death are always forgiven by YHWH as long as the guilty party confesses their sin, repents of it, asks for forgiveness and resolves to never do it again – “as YHWH lives”.

    Please show me one example of this as it relates to a false prophet… from Scripture… not your opinion. If we cannot trust the prophets there is no truth. Period.

    Mr. McDuffie again stated “people who would challenge me on this last statement, their challenges are always based on their lack of understanding”. I am once again amazed at you lack of humility after have been shown to be a false prophet… furthermore, I am amazed that people who challenge you are those who “lack understanding”. I believe Jim Jones and Joseph Smith said the same thing. Pride comes before the fall.

    Your most grievous sin isn’t in what you said… it was in your date and that came with the qualifier “Thus saith Yahweh”. Sadly you just don’t get it… We all know economic calamity is coming… that’s a no brainer my friend. There are lots of folks teaching this… and it isn’t “prophesy”.

    The thing you don’t get is that Yahweh doesn’t miss dates… Just as Mashiyach died exactly at the moment ordained. Your error is your date setting (foolish enough) but that you did so IN YAHWEH’S NAME!!!

    Besides – Scripture never says there will be an complete economic collapse. We are often told that people will be proclaiming “peace and safety”… that people will be marring and given in marriage. I am a commercial lender by trade – I know the market, and I know the house of cards that has been built based on a false “full faith and credit of the US “full faith and credit of the US Govt”. Anyone with half a brain sees the writing on the wall here. That said, Scripture only warns of the economic control that will affect those who refuse to submit to the wicked system of anti-messiah. That tells me there is still an economy. You have prophesied nothing but lies and error. And the fact that you are still defending your lies and error shows the true state of your heart and belies your “teshuvah”.

    You said : “All sin is ultimately rooted in pride isn’t it?”

    You bet it is.

    But more dangerous than your pride is your absolute lack of fear. Only on completely without fear of Yahweh would say “Thus Saith Yahweh” when He never said… and if you are still so deluded that you don’t know He wasn’t speaking to you, I will “Prophesy” in Yahweh’s Name for you…

    Thus Saith Yahweh… “I do not error…ever”.

    He doesn’t just get it mostly right… He is 100% accurate all the time… as are the prophesies He gives to those who are His true prophets. Otherwise He is not Elohim.

    Your lack of fear in recklessly declaring “Thus said Yahweh” is also (according to Scripture) a clear demonstration of your lack of wisdom.

    In defense of her husband, Mrs. McDuffie speaks of many who have fallen and been restored. She is correct. David is just one example of this… but the error here is that there is not a single example of a false prophet being restored. Why? Because they are dead.

    Mr. McDuffie, I am a man who has sinned grievously in my life. I spent the better part of my life denying His existence, and serving myself. I have been humbled greatly in my life and to be honest, it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me (even though it hurt like hell). I pray I never forget what it was like. I also pray I never forget that I am no better than anyone – period.

    What really bothers me about what you have done isn’t your error. I watched all three parts of your “End of days” teaching and I have pages of notes detailing the errors in your teaching. I would be willing to share them with you at some point…. I say this with a soft and sincere heart, but what I also saw from you on that teaching was much pride, and misrepresentation of yourself. I saw a man who was judging others who are still in darkness (i.e. Christians)… I saw a man who spoke and acted in a haughty manner throughout the teaching. You confessed that your wife’s family rejected you (you brought it up publically).. and while I do not know the circumstances surrounding said rejection, I expect they saw many “red flags” and many of the things I saw from you while watching your lengthy teachings. I say this because you opted to share your story with the world – but perhaps they were trying to protect her from someone they were worried about. I know I would be very concerned if you wanted to marry my daughter. Perhaps it isn’t all them…. Have you considered that there are some things that are not quite right in your heart? Things that would cause you to be unable to discern the Voice of truth from the other voice? Perhaps pride has blinded you, and cause you not to Hear His warnings?

    On the video, you stated “Thus said Yahweh” about things that I know are Scripturally incorrect as well as things you have predicted in the years to come. If you cannot discern the Voice of truth (evident by your most recent failed prophesy) how in Yah’s green Earth can you possibly expect people to trust anything you say. Only the fool would do that Robert.

    And yet, after seeing all of these things in your teaching, I did not publically “out” you as the false prophet that you are. But this last failed prophesy – REQUIRES that those who love Yahweh and know the truth to sound the alarm. I am obligated to warn people when I know there is a wolf in the camp.

    Again, what really bothers me is not the error,… I have had plenty of error in my life. I was one who trusted the teaching of the agnostics and the atheists… I later trusted in much of the error of Rabbinical Judaism. Boy, have I had error in my life. What really bothered me wasn’t even your pride.. I have had a lot of undue pride in my life, and in my heart. no doubt there still is some. I have to fight it back all the time (and yet, I am a man who should not have any pride based on how I have lived the majority of my life).

    My problem is your absolute lack of fear, and your lack of humility in this situation. My problem is that you (and others who follow you) don’t really grasp the gravity of what has taken place here. Let me see if I can help you understand this….

    Question to you, and the others on this board that are giving you a pass.. a pat on the back. Would we all be so quick to pat Mr. McDuffie on the back if he had just been caught cheating on his wife? Molesting a child??

    Gosh I hope not. You see, giving him a pass for these things would do him no favors. Lev 19:17 tells us that if we don’t rebuke our brother who is in sin – we hate him. According to Torah, the people giving you a pass here – hate you. Not my words… That’s the truth of His Word talking. Proverbs 9:8 tells us that if we rebuke a wise man, he will love us for it. He won’t make excuses and dance around the truth.

    False prophets are like cancer… they must be removed from the body or they will eventually destroy it. Cancer (which is not removed) destroys the boy… false prophets (which are not removed) destroys THE BODY. You don’t try to “restore” the cancer. You cut it out. This is 100% consistent with Scripture.

    You see, as bad as cheating on your wife is, as bad as molesting a child is… these sins don’t come close to what you have done. Why? Why does Abba repeatedly warn of false prophets and call for their death (not their restoration)?? Because there is nothing more serious than destroying His truth – which you have done. You see, our faith falls or stands on His Word. He sent us TRUE prophets to speak truth and confirm the truth through the undeniable fact that what they said would come to pass. Many times these prophets were killed before their prophesies came to pass… but later it became obvious that they had indeed received revelation from above. Oooops.

    Of course as of Tishri 1 it is clear that you do not fall into this category. You are quite literally a false prophet. And we are not to allow a false prophet to live (in our case teach). Yahweh calls for the death of the false prophet for several reasons. First and foremost because they can wreak havoc on the truth and lead people astray. If false prophets are not dealt with severely (removed)… the faith evaporates. If faith evaporates then so does all creation… everything is for not. There is no truth, no Elohim, all is lost. This is more serious than we can even comprehend because a false prophet left unchecked causes the true prophet to be in question. If we can’t trust the true prophet because we have not removed the false ones, we have nothing to stand firm on in this life. This is why what you have done isn’t just a minor sin. And please don’t give me the Christian response that all sin is equal – it’s not. There are weightier matters of Torah (righteous judgment being one of them) and weightier sin (John 19:11). David committed adultery, lied, murdered and yet Yah tells us that David was a man after His own heart. But guess what David (a true prophet of Yah) NEVER did… yup. Never prophesied falsely IN YAHWEH’S NAME – Elohim forbid!

    So, I have to believe that all of these well-wishers here would never give you a pass for molesting a child… yet they give you a pat on the back for something INFINITELY WORSE..


    Is the less tragic but still devastating result that could have come to someone who trusted you prognostication (IN YAHWEH’S NAME). What I mean is, suppose I am one of your followers… I am unlearned, trusting… like many I saw on one of your videos from South Africa… cheering you and clapping for you (sigh). Suppose I am lacking in discernment and I trust in your errant “prophesy” after all, I should have confidence in something that is followed by “THUS SAITH YAHWEH” – right? I mean who would ever dare to say such a thing unless they heard His Voice??? Right?

    So, knowing I can trust Yahweh 100% – I sell off everything I have, store up perishable food…. I do all the things that I believe a prudent person would do if Yahweh said an economic collapse is coming by Tishri 1.

    And… “oops, I followed a false prophet”.

    The financial hardship you may have caused another person is very serious – Mr. McDuffie. WORDS CAN HURT PEOPLE. Especially WORDS FROM A “Prophet” who prophesies lies, error and falsehood.
    Jim Jones heard from “god” and led 800 people to their death. Mr. McDuffie. You and Mr. Jones are cut from the same cloth… you both are unable to discern the voice of truth from the voice of the enemy…. And you are both false prophets – claiming divine revelation.

    Such a financial hardship that could result from failed and reckless “prophesy” might also be enough to cause some of those poor unsuspecting people who have no discernment to walk away from Yah because of YOU. Mr. McDuffie. Have you given any thought to the repercussions or you reckless actions?

    What you did was indeed malicious. Your inability to see these facts… to see the devastation you could have (or very well may have) wrought in the lives of others is perhaps the most disconcerting thing of all. It is extremely narcissistic

    Yahweh gives us 2 instructions as it relates to a false prophet. 1.) kill him so as to put evil out of the camp… ending his ability to prophesy falsely any longer. and 2.) if said false profit (yes, I misspelled it on purpose) is alive we are instructed that he has spoken presumptuously – the word which he speak is not from Yah – hence Yah sais “do not listen to him”

    Again, I am not holding a stone in hand… but I am stating a Scriptural truth… you are no longer to be teaching – as Yah instructs His people NOT TO LISTEN TO YOU. Anyone who continues to follow a false prophet despite Yahweh’s warning is a fool, and their blood is on their own head.

    The fact that you are still here – defending yourself… defending your right to teach people and your “ministry” tells me clearly that you just don’t get it. Or you are too selfish and self-centered to impose the mandated Torah restriction upon yourself. You are disqualified Mr. McDuffie. – and that is not a “half-truth” or my opinion. That came from the mouth of the Great I AM – Himself who warned of false prophets like you saying “do not listen to him”.

    Again, people who have seen your false prophesies, and chose to ignore Yah’s warning will suffer the consequences of their disobedience. I have sounded the alarm… and will do so when I see you misleading others. As I stated this isn’t fun… and it doesn’t feel good. It’s heart breaking and sad. But I love Him and I love others too much to sit idly by while a wolf prowls the camp.

    You do not need my forgiveness Mr. McDuffie… your sin was against Yah, and the sheep you have deceived. Yah has blessed me with enough discernment to know a wolf. A wolf isn’t someone who is simply wrong… no, a wolf is one who puts Yah’s people in danger. Be it Spiritually, physically – or both. Which is precisely what you have done. I am so sad that you can see past yourself to see that.

    If you really understand the gravity of what you have done – if you are truly repentant and you truly grieved… they you will do the right thing Mr. McDuffie. You will cease and desist. You will return all moneys received, you will go away, and you will deceive people no longer. I hope that is your heart… but alas, I can see that your “ministry” isn’t about Yah… it isn’t about people… it is about Mr. McDuffie and what he wants. So, I have no expectation that you will do what honors Him. I earnestly hope that I am wrong.

    Ps. I do appreciate that you have not deleted my warning to those who may come here. I thank you for that and I hope that people will look to Scripture to see how they should respond. Y’shua warned us of the “many false prophets” that will come just before He returns. If we ignore this warning we will suffer for it. I have done what is required of me – further communication is fruitless.

  19. Can a False Prophet Be Redeemed?
    James Scott Trimm

    A question has recently been presented to the community, can a false prophet be redeemed. The answer, is of course “yes” but perhaps distracts us from the real question, can they ever again have a prophetic or teaching ministry? I believe that answer to that question is “no”.

    Let me begin by saying that false prophecy is taken very seriously by the Torah. It is discusses in two passages: Deut. 13:1-11 and 18:20-22, in both of these passages we are told that the penalty for a false prophet was death.

    I wonder if some of those who have made prophecies in modern times, even setting dates for their fulfillment in the name of YHWH, would have done so if they were putting their very life on the line. Perhaps we would have less false prophecy, if the “prophets” knew they would die if their prophecy is not fulfilled.

    Today we do not have a theocracy, and we will not have one again until the Messiah returns. As a result the death penalty is replaced with disfellowshipment, which is interned to protect the community by separating the person in question from the community. And of course we allow a person who has been, or who faces disfellowshipment to repent and return to the community, an opportunity which would not have existed had they faced the death penalty. And this creates questions for the community as to what such redemption really means.

    For example, can a child molester be redeemed? I believe the answer is yes, but that person should never be entrusted with the sacred trust of caring for children again. It would be unconscionable to place such a person in a position where they would be entrusted with the care of children. This has nothing to do with how redeemed the individual is or is not, it is simply an necessary measure to protect children.

    Likewise being entrusted with the Word of YHWH is a sacred trust. Can a false prophet be redeemed? I believe the answer is also “yes” but that person should never be entrusted with the scared trust of representing the Word of YHWH again. It would be unconscionable to place such a person in a position where they would be entrusted with representing the Word of YHWH again. This has nothing to do with how redeemed the individual is or is not, it is simply an necessary measure to protect the Body of Messiah.

    There is also the matter of the credibility of the movement, which is effectively zero if the leadership have a track record of making false prophecies.

    False Prophets in ancient Israel quit proclaiming anything, because they were dead. And while we may forgive the sin, the Torah specifically tells us never to give head the words of a false prophet ever again.

    “When a prophet speaks in the Name of YHWH: if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which YHWH has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously: you shall not be afraid of him.”
    (Deut. 18:22 HRV)

    “You shall not consent unto him nor hearken unto him:…”
    (Deut. 13:8(9)HRV)

    There is a saying: “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on ME.”

    Now recently Robert McDuffie made a prophecy in the community setting a date for the collapse of the western economy to occur on Sept. 5th, 2013. There is no doubt whatsoever that this was a false prophecy, as Mr. McDuffie has openly confessed this in a widely distributed statement, along with a statement of repentance. It was my expectation that when Mr. McDuffie made this public confession and proclamation of repentance that he was in effect announcing his resignation from teaching and prophetic ministry. To “repent” literally means to “turn back”.

    However there has already been some talk that Mc Duffie, being redeemed, might continue a teaching and/or prophetic ministry either now, or in the future. I hate being put in this position, but several leaders, including McDuffie, have asked my opinion, so I felt it best to write my thoughts up on this issue in detail for all to see.

    Imagine if a child molester confessed and announce his repentance on Friday, and showed back to his job on Monday as a school teacher without missing a beat, saying that having been redeemed he can go right back to being entrusted with children again. This would certainly make one question the genuineness of such a person’s repentance, or whether that man actually grasped the seriousness of his actions.

    So if there is any question, let me plainly state: In my opinion Mr. McDuffie has no legitimate future in teaching or prophetic ministry.

    Robert McDuffie, or any false prophet who repents, can absolutely be redeemed and be forgiven. And as a redeemed individual he can be a part of the Body of Messiah, and socialize in the community. He can attend our functions, and be our friend. But he needs to accept that he must never again be in a position of representing the Word of YHWH to the Body of Messiah.

  20. Shalom, shalom, I have fully submitted myself to my spiritual mentor and accountability partner of the last twelve years (Richard J. Bies) in full accountability as well as a second trusted accountability partner Father has provided me with. Seeing as how it has been fully proven that Abba has put these two men in my life I will fully yield to their continued guidance and counsel as to if and when I should ever minister the Torah of YHWH again. Shalom, shalom, Robert Arthur McDuffie

  21. Ejimanze

     /  September 12, 2013

    Brother Yitzak, I hear your heart in your last post. And you do have a point. I even found out that God has not sheated His sword afterall. He is still in the killing business. John in Spirit in the Isle of Patmos said in Revelation 19,
    11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.
    12 His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. 13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. 14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.
    15 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations:

    Robert asked Yahweh to slay him if the prophecy fails. God is obliging him. And I’m certain that Robert has felt the cutting edge of His sharp two-edged sword zapping through his soul and spirit since his failed prophecy, as the Father draws out and deals with pride and presumption in his heart. I totally agree with your analysis, your open direct rebuke, in love. It helps, and heals. I have been that route before. But I don’t buy your conclusion in writing off our brother and his ministry.

    Notice what the white horse rider above does with the the sword in Rev 19:
    17 And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God; 18 That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great.
    21 And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.

    Yes, the Lord our God is still in the business of slaying the FLESH. Thumping your chest and proclaiming, “Thus saith the Lord!” in this day of the Spirit is just a manifestation of the flesh. The Lord kills that flesh by allowing you to fall flat on your face and leaving you bewildered and wondering what went wrong. This I find in my experience often happens to many, like Christian in the Pilgrim’s Progress, who have received a vision of the heavenly city and are running on all cylinders to attain the goal of the overcomer. One can either get depressed and disappointed that the Lord let him fall flat on his/her face, and back off and go back to lowland Christianity, or see where you went wrong, repent, , learn and march on until victory is won. In it all, the Lord God uses one lesson like this to teach the neophytes not to follow any man, be he prophet, priest or pope, and to humble him that thinketh he standeth. This is my drift. Robert should should humble himself, do a sincere mea maxima culpa, and march on.

    Bless your heart!

  22. Ejimanze

     /  September 19, 2013

    A Word about Prophecy – Stephen Jones

    Every so often I need to explain something about prophecy, due to new (and/or forgetful readers). Simply put, there is a difference between prophecy and one’s understanding of prophecy. The Bible is the word of God. In the general sense, all inspiration is prophecy, but some Scripture is more historical or poetic, rather than strict prophecy in the narrow definition of the word. Even the historical parts are prophetic, of course, because (for example) the story of Joseph was a prophetic type of Israel being lost and found. The story of Absalom overthrowing David was a prophetic pattern of the New Testament story of Christ’s throne being usurped by the priests. Yet in later generations, such as ours, when we teach or preach Scripture, we usually set forth our understanding of prophecy. We do not usually prophesy, but rather we talk about Bible prophecy in order to give our best understanding and insight into the divine plan. Ideally, I suppose, all preachers ought to prophesy, and indeed, some define all preaching as prophecy. But in my view, it is more helpful to distinguish between biblical history and prophecy, and so also is it more helpful to distinguish between prophecy and one’s understanding. The difference is that our understanding is partial, even if what we know is 100% correct. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13:9, “we know in part, and we prophesy in part.” We are all called to hear God’s voice, so in that general sense, we are all prophets. Even Caiaphas, the high priest who usurped the throne of Christ, prophesied (John 11:50, 51). One does not need to believe in Christ in order to prophesy. God can speak through anyone, and for this reason we need to be alert, because He speaks through some very strange vessels indeed.

    In fact, most prophecy is inadvertent. The story of Baalam shows that a prophet can have a fleshly motive and still prophesy truth. In fact, nowhere does Scripture call Balaam a “false prophet,” although we know that he greatly misused his gift. Our goal, as aspiring overcomers, is to speak only what we hear our Father say. In that sense, we are all prophets or aspiring prophets in the general sense. Yet it is evident that we all fall short of the ideal, and hence, we often speak out of the flesh, rather than out of the Spirit. Does this make us “false prophets”? Perhaps, but if we were all stoned for this offense, the world would immediately be depopulated. God gives a lot of grace in this area.

    The point is, we should distinguish between prophecy and the general mandate to hear God’s voice. In the general sense, as we are learning to hear God’s voice, we should not have to be afraid of sharing what we believe we have heard. Unfortunately, there are some who are too quick to label people as “false prophets” whenever a word is (or seems to be) wrong. This tends to stifle those who are learning to hear and discern, because they live in fear of being judged for hearing incorrectly. The church ought to teach and guide people in love, rather than establish fear in the learning environment. And students should have room to grow and learn. It is better to launch out and be wrong than to stifle the word in us out of fear of being wrong. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 14:29-31, 29 And let two or three prophets speak, and the others pass judgment [diakrino, “distinguish, discriminate, decide, discern”] … 31 For you can all prophesy one by one, so that all may learn and all may be exhorted [parakleo, “be comforted, encouraged, helped”]. It appears that in the early church there were prophets who could “speak” the word of God, but at the same time the other (prophets) were called to discern and to decide the truth of that word or how to understand it. In other words, Paul assumed that even prophets could be wrong. Nothing is said about condemning a prophet for a fleshly word or “false prophecy,” although in some cases this might be necessary. Yet it seems to have been an accepted practice in the early church to share prophetic words or insights and then discuss this with the others. Paul gives no hint that this was to be done in a spirit of fear, but in an atmosphere of love and the desire to know the will of God.

    There is also a difference between the gift of prophecy and the office of prophet. Anyone can receive a gift of prophecy. Such a gift can come from time to time when necessary. Even Balaam’s ass received the gift of tongues and prophecy, which Balaam himself felt it necessary to judge. All men may prophesy, but not all men hold the prophetic office. On rare occasions, I have been known to prophesy, but I have the office of a teacher. Most of what I do is to teach about prophetic things. As a teacher, I need to know by experience what I teach, so that I may teach from the heart, and not from the head. And so God has caused me on various occasions to experience all of the offices of the five-fold ministry in Ephesians 4:11. That five-fold ministry is like the fingers on a hand. The thumb is the apostle, and the little finger is the teacher. The thumb is anchored by the little finger, and so in some ways the teacher and the apostle were meant to work together and have some similarities. The apostle normally carries all of the five offices, while the teacher must at times be able to teach about all of them. That way all of these offices may receive instruction to help them learn, grow, and perform each office with greater effectiveness. As a teacher, I love to teach the Scriptures. But I feel the need also to teach prophetic things, so that all can learn how to read the signs of the times. We all need to know the divine plan, so we all need to know Bible prophecy. But we also need to know more specifically the times in which we live. Hence, I draw people’s attention to certain world events to show evidence of the fall of Babylon and the rise of the Kingdom. When I share economic or political articles from the news media, it is because these events have a direct bearing on the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. These events give us greater insight into the manner in which God is overthrowing man’s systems and establishing His Kingdom in the earth. Even beyond that, we may each observe more personal events and signs by which we are each led by the Spirit day by day.

    If it seems like I share too many personal signs, it is not because I think I am the only one who experiences such things. Rather, it is to give you personal examples so that you may learn from them how to observe with spiritual eyes the events in your own life. It is the same reason that the biblical writers tell the stories of certain people who lived long ago. It is more than just a written record of events that occurred long ago. It is to show us the possibilities of how God may work today. This is one of the main reasons why I wrote my book, The Wars of the Lord. I did not write it to set myself above anyone, nor to present myself as any great thing, but rather to teach you by real-life examples how to observe events and signs and what can be accomplished by just following the leading of the Spirit. Faith is a powerful force that can move mountains. But faith is just a simple matter of hearing and obeying. We just came through a 40-day prayer campaign. In this, I was privileged to meet and make new friends. Some of them were new at this type of work. For some, it was literally their first prayer campaign. Some knew little or nothing about intercession prior to this time. Yet they learned by on-the-job training and were able to observe and learn from those who were more experienced. I think it seemed incredible to some that we could actually change the world by making a prophetic decree, or by blowing a shofar, or by doing some other action by faith. After all, it is not like seeing someone healed immediately by a prayer of faith. Intercession nearly always needs patience, because the results are more long-term. We may see immediate signs, but the actual results can take a long time to become visible. Individuals can be healed immediately, but the Kingdom comes without observation—much like watching a tree grow or water erode a rock.
    Intercession and spiritual warfare are ways to apply what we have learned after studying the Scriptures. Bible study is good, but if it does not change your life or lead you to some course of action, then it has little effect in the earth. Bible study should teach us to be led by the Spirit in whatever course that may take. I have found that virtually all of us are involved in intercession, whether we know it or not. Once we understand intercession, then we discover how we have been doing it all along, and this explains many of our past experiences. Once we understand why we had to go through those experiences—some not so pleasant—we can bring closure to many of those past events, for we see God’s purpose. Spiritual warfare is also something that many of us experience without realizing it. We often go through difficulties in life without realizing that we have been caught up unawares in some spiritual battle in the heavens. It happened to me in 1981-1982, and if anyone had been able to explain it to me during that time, I would have appreciated it greatly. Difficulties in life are always more bearable when you see the purpose. Finally, it has been some time since I reminded you that whenever I share what I believe to be a direct word to me from the Father, I put in Bold Type. You will find many such words in my book, The Wars of the Lord, and occasionally in other books. But whenever I share things in regular type, it is my understanding of the word. I am careful to make that distinction, and for this reason I normally share direct revelation only after I have had time to test it in the crucible of time. Direct revelation is sacred to me, and I do not share it lightly. – See more at:

    ‘Secrets of Time’ – a great book recommended for all to read –

  23. Let Yahweh be true and every man a liar (especially me)! Yahweh NEVER once said that the stock market would crash on this date. However, when the stock market did not crash on this date – everyone just assumed the prophecy I published was false – including me! By His Spirit Yahweh had declared to me that the American and Western economies would fall on this date – He never once said anything about the markets crashing!

    As Mr. Ripley used to say, “believe it or not” the economy of the United States of America and the West did fall on the exact dates He foretold – no matter what you or I believe to be true.

    I repent! I repent! I repent! – For not standing unequivocally on the word Yahweh revealed to me by His Spirit!

    At the time I was given this prophecy, I had no idea that on the 5th and 6th of September the G20 would meet in St.Petersburg, Russia. At that very meeting they G20 agreed that the US Dollar would no longer rule over the nations of the world. An agreement was reached that the Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) would rule the nations of the rule. This agreement was enacted on October 1st, 2016 – while the whole world was distracted with the Donald Trump Presidential election bid.

    I fully have documented everything in the following blog post.

    Shalom, shalom! His servant and yours,

    Robert-Arthur: McDuffie

  1. PROPHECY UPDATE – THE USA WAS CONQUERED OCTOBER 1st 2016 | Y'shua Ha MaShiach is the Spirit of Prophecy

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