Three times of the year, the first fruits of El we bring,

First the barley, then the wheat and then every good and tasty thing.

The barley is Y’shua, the wheat – His wondrous Bride,

The fruit of the womb – the children, at the coming of His righteous tide.

The feasts of Yahweh are the key – to know His plan of liberty,

For you and me and all to see – in the golden year of Jubilee!

He is the risen Hebrew Groom, coming for His Hebrew Bride,

After the rapturous consummation in Heaven, He will return with her by His side.


At that time – when His army is revealed – the devil’s son’s will be taken away,

Then all will see what was concealed, and His fire will burn the stubble, wood and hay!

Then she who was barren, a mother she will be,

A family which can’t be counted – more than the stars up above or the sands of the sea!

The Kingdom of El is coming, a thousand years to reign,

With His Bride they’ll will rule with a rod, the nations they will train!

So who is this Bride and the children soon to be,

What will make the difference for all eternity?

His Bride – once a child, grew in favor to maturity,

The children – not maturing – because they favored their iniquity!

They worked the good works of the Kingdom, proclaiming in His Name,

They cast out demons, performing miracles – yet in dismay they will proclaim –

Lord, Lord – how can You send us away? He then will answer on that day,
You preached, your prayed, you prophesied, But you never learned to obey!

My pure spotless Bride – I have known in Heaven,

My children – away, away – you who loved your leaven!

Born again by My favor, I redeemed you to Myself,

You would not heed My Spirit, and only listened to yourself!

My Word and My Spirit – they will always agree,

But you would not receive the truth, when I whispered it to thee.

My Bride My Wondrous Bride – she listened and obeyed,

She heeded by My Spirit and in My presence she always stayed.

She let My Spirit lead her, while My other children played.

She loved My truth above all and considered not her life,

That is why forever, she will always and only be My wife!

She loved My Sabbaths and honored My feasts,

She hated the lies of the whore and the beast.


She loved what I loved and what I loathed she loathed too,

And that why I have taken the one who was true!

Faith without obedience equals no reward,

You are My children – not My wife – because I was NEVER your Lord!


You walked in the lies and traditions of men,

You refused to obey me and that’s why you’re not My friend!

If you had truly loved Me, you would have obeyed My voice,

You’re not My Bride today – because of your own free will choice!


Choose the blessing! Choose good! Choose light! Choose life!

And you too will go to Heaven – when He comes to take His wife!

At the feast of Shavuot – He shall take you as His own,

And He will make you to co-rule, when He ascends upon His throne!


Sincerely and in Love, His servant and yours,

Robert-Arthur: McDuffie ~ Gal. 6:14







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  1. Because of their learned ignorance, every Bible translation I have ever read mis-translates 1Corinthians 15:23. This error occurs because they do not really know and understand the appointed times of Yahweh – as recorded in Leviticus 23.

    The appointments of Yahweh are the key to correctly understanding the five Good News accounts recorded in the “New Testament”. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are all witnesses to the fulfillment of the first four appointments being fulfilled at the time Y’shua died, was buried, rose from the dead and poured out His Spirit on us.

    The Good News account recorded in Revelation is the witness foretelling of the soon fulfillment of the last four appointments – which will be fulfilled at the return of the true Judge and King over all the Earth!

    1Corinthians 15:23 traditionally reads,

    “But every man in his own order: the Messiah the firstfruits; afterward they that are the Messiah’s at his coming.”

    However, if you add the missing comma – then it will read correctly.

    “But every man in his own order: the Messiah, the firstfruits; afterward they that are the Messiah’s at his coming.”

    At the time the Apostle wrote this – every first century believer knew and understood that there were three firstfruits presented to Yahweh every year.

    The first firstfruit was the barley at Passover, the second firstfruit was the wheat at Shavuot (Pentecost) and the third firstfruit was the fruit of the trees at Sukkot (Tabernacles).

    The author of 1Corinthians understood this profound truth and wrote about it clearly. However, most of the believers of the 21st century are Scripturally illiterate. They do not know that there are three firstfruits offerings and they do not know that Yahweh’s plan of deliverance is first found mapped out for us in Leviticus 23!

    As Rabbi Shaul stated in verse 20 – Y’shua is the firstfruit of Passover! His Bride will be the firstfruit of Shavuot! And His children will be the firstfruit at Sukkot!

    On the plane ride home from Africa, I was inspired to write a poem to help my family and friends to understand this profound mystery!

    Shalom, shalom and much love, His servant and yours,


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