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  1. Eji manze

     /  September 13, 2017

    “Quote: ”
    Many of you are aware there will be a once in history event when the sign John saw in Revelation 12 will be fulfilled on September 23rd, 2017.”
    In your seminal prophetic article in 2012 – The Sign of Jonah and the 70 Weeks of Daniel – the significant date and event you pinpointed was 20 September 2017 (p.30). In that great article there was nothing happening on 23 September!
    So I’m wondering when this 23rd September star formation start forming in the heavens…?

    • Upon further thought and reflection, I now realize that the counting of the 70 weeks probably should have begun with the rebirth of Yisrael by the decree of “the King” (i.e. the deciding vote of the President of the United States) on May 14th 1948 and not with the UN resolution made in November 1947. I was personally not aware of the Revelation 12 sign fulfillment until sometime last year – when it was brought to my attention. It is a sign that has NEVER happened before in history. Normally, the Virgo constellation has a crown of 9 stars – however, this year her crown will be completed when the three “wandering stars” of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus all enter into it on September 23rd. The Virgin constellation has been pregnant with Jupiter for 9 months and gave birth to “the one who will rule with a rod of iron” (Revelation 2:25-29) on Sept. 9th 2017. This is a great mystery, as the man-child who is given the rule, is also the very Bride of Y’shua (Revelation 19:7-14)! The brand new female baby is to be presented before Father Yahweh on the 14th day – per Leviticus 12! Putting this altogether, we should look forward to a rapture event with great anticipation sometime between September 20th and 23rd – according to my present understanding. His Kingdom Come! His Will Be Done!

      Shalom, shalom, R


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