The Quirks & Perks of Me

Bewildered by the thousands of “Christian” denominations this journey was born out of a heart that simply desired to know, “what is truth?”

After making a covenant of truth with Heaven based upon the following three passages of the Scriptures (John 8:31-32, John 14:26 & 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12), Robert A. McDuffie, the author of Revelation 19:10 Blog began the greatest adventure of his life.

This site is devoted to sharing the truth as it is currently revealed to Robert.  Robert does not believe that he is the final authority in anyone’s life.  He encourages fellow believers to test everything according to the authority of the full counsel of the Scriptures by the leading of the Ruach (Spirit). He is open to questions, comments and discussions.

Anyone who meets Robert and his bride, Jenn will tell you that Robert has a genuine passion for the Scriptures.  He has devoted his life to studying the Scriptures, teaching the Scriptures and sharing the good news of the Scriptures.

Originally from America, missionaries to Zambia (and beyond), Robert & his bride have devoted their lives traveling the world sharing the truth of the Scriptures with those who are eager to hear and obey.

You can follow their missionary adventures on Jenn’s blog .

They also have 7 children by birth and the spirit of adoption.


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  1. Patrys Lloyd

     /  July 3, 2016

    Hi Robert!
    I have started reading your posts yesterday 2016-07-02. I was praying to Father to let me find a website which would not lead me astray, and I found yours. Since beginning 2015 I have started attending classes of Hebraic Roots Teaching Institute. I was fortunate enough to visit Yisrael in Spring of 2015, and indeed it felt like coming home.
    I remember that I was still young and could not understand why I could not be an “Israelite”.
    Since last year I came to know that I am! My biggest wish became reality. What a great journey this is. I thank you for being faithful and helping people like me get a deeper understanding of Scriptures. May you be blessed in your journey also, and may you receive revelation after revelation!
    Shalom to you and yours!
    Patrys Lloyd
    South Africa


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