On Sept. 5th / 6th 2013 the U.S. economy fell – never to recover!

This is exactly what Yahweh foretold would happen!

September 5th Prophecy

However, when I did not SEE anything newsworthy in the headlines of the world’s major newspapers, I publicly repented of prophesying falsely in His name – because I did not understand the prophecy or its fulfillment.

My Public Repentance

On Oct. 1, 2016 the USA was conquered and no one is the wiser!

These two dated events (September 5th & 6th 2013 and October 1st 2016) are directly related to one another and each of these events is testifying to the other!

The G20 meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia was held during the feast of Trumpets 2013 on September 5th & 6th!  It was at this meeting that it was decided that the Chinese Yuan would be the new reserve currency of the world – replacing the role of the U.S. Dollar, which ruled over the nations of the world, for exactly 70 years to the very month, week and day!

During the exact time of this meeting, the Chinese Yuan currency traded ten times more than normal and for the first time in history was among the top ten currencies traded in the world.

On October 1st, 2016, Obama surrendered control of our 2nd most valuable asset (after the dollar) – the internet. While the world was told that the Yuan would be a part of the international basket of currencies – they were not told that HSBC Bank would be selling partially, gold backed, Chinese Yuan bonds – which would be to the world’s reserve currency what the Petrol Dollar was before it.

Just as Cyrus defeated BABYLON after 70 years of ruling over the nations – without a battle or a fight and the people of the kingdom were largely ignorant to the change of command for a year or more – so the USA and the nations have been deceived and do not know that China has replaced the USA as the world’s premier super power!

I wrote all about this prophecy and it’s miraculous fulfillment on my blog.


To Yahweh alone be all the esteem, honor and praise!

His servant and yours, Robert Arthur McDuffie ~ Gal. 6:14


The False Prophet Has The Last Word or Assault! Fire! Rape! How I Spent Sukkot

Disclaimer: To every attorney, advocate, judge, government official, media personnel and law enforcement officer.  The following communication is meant as satire and is written solely for the amusement of all those who are amused by what I have written.  Everything stated hereafter is the author’s strongly held beliefs and opinions.  Nothing (and I do mean NOTHING) I have written should be misconstrued or reconstructed as representing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  After all, I am a known false prophet of Yisrael. (Hint, hint, wink, wink!!!)    

For all those who are not amused at all by what I have written, but are rather deeply grieved in their spiritual man; I most humbly ask that you immediately intercede with much prayer and fasting on behalf of the author (and his family), before He is swallowed up by his adversary the devil and all those who follow after him (the devil) in spirit and in falsehood.                                                                                            

                                                                                                   01/23, 5986 – which corresponds to 09/28, 2013

Shalom, shalom to all my beloved family, friends and many, many enemies (in accordance / agreement with Isaiah 1:19-20),

Just so there is no confusion or misunderstanding as to the purpose or intent of this communication, I, Robert Arthur McDuffie, do swear as YHWH Elohim lives, the following communication is 100% true and motivated solely by my love for YHWH and His people, including but not limited to, all those specifically named within the content of this letter.  If I am swearing falsely, may YHWH deal with me ever so severely, even if it means the taking of my own life, so that all those who would swear falsely would learn to fear the living Elohim.

For approximately 114 days, I (and my family) have been the victim(s) of an all out character assassination campaign.  On Wed. June 26th, 2013 a certain Willem J. Kruger (principle owner of Delta Chemicals, Meyerton, South Africa) personally informed myself, Jennifer Jo Norwood (my lawful wife under the laws of the STATE OF FLORIDA, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA since March 2009) and Jolene “Joy” Venter (our spiritual daughter) this campaign is being spearheaded by a certain George Jonker (at present a disbarred South African Attorney, director of the Beit Baruch “yeshiva” in Meyerton, South Africa and according to Willem a run-of-the-mill, white-collar criminal) and includes the active participation of Ria Wilson of Derech haTorah (N. Johannesburg, South Africa), a certain South African Advocate, Reginald Willis (principle owner of Aviv Moon – Michael Rood’s South African connection), Professor Willem Adriaan “Wimpie” Liebenberg (founder of the Hebraic Roots Teaching Institute (HRTI)), Cheran Liebenberg (administrator of / for HRTI), Jolene Marie McDuffie (my ex-wife), Deborah Vanstory (my mother-in-law), Adri Kruger (scribe, Beit Baruch “yeshiva”) Hein Zentgraaf (“elder”, Beit Baruch “yeshiva”) and Piet Oosthuizen (“elder”, Beit Baruch “yeshiva”) among many, many others who have actively or passively participated in this wickedness. 

FYI – Character assassination is a deliberate and sustained process that aims to destroy the credibility and reputation of a person, institution, social group, or nation.
Agents of character assassinations employ a mix of open and covert methods to achieve their goals, such as raising false accusations, planting and fostering rumors, and manipulating information.
Character assassination is an attempt …
to tarnish a person’s reputation. It may involve exaggeration, misleading half-truths, or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person. It is a form of defamation and can be a form of ad hominem argument.
For living individuals targeted by character assassination attempts, this may result in being rejected by his community, family, or members of his or her living or work environment. Such acts are often difficult to reverse or rectify, and the process is likened to a literal assassination of a human life. The damage sustained can last a lifetime or, for historical figures, for many centuries after their death.

In practice, character assassination may involve doublespeak, spreading of rumors, innuendo or deliberate misinformation on topics relating to the subject’s morals, integrity, and reputation. It may involve spinning information that is technically true, but that is presented in a misleading manner or is presented without the necessary context. For example, it might be said that a person refused to pay any income tax during a specific year, without saying that no tax was actually owed due to the person having no income that year, or that a person was sacked from a firm, even though he may have been made redundant through no fault of his own, rather than being terminated for cause.

The one common denominator all these people have is their insatiable desire to discredit me, destroy me and drive me out of South Africa.  Most of these people have known, specific, serious moral failure(s), which I have personally confronted and called them to repent of.  None of them did so and thus they still carry their bitter offense(s) against YHWH and therefore against me – until this very day.  
Over the last 114 days, I have been informed by several witnesses, (but never directly by any of my accusers) including, but not necessarily limited to, those I have named above, that I have personally threatened those I have named (as well as others), that I have personally cursed those I have named (as well as others), that I have financially defrauded those I have named above (as well as others), that I have previously taught that everyone must give their tithes to me under severe threat and spiritual curses – if they did not, that I am rich, rich, rich due to all the money I have defrauded people out of, that I am a child molester, that I am an unrighteous cult leader, that I  practice the occult and worship the devil, that I am presently wanted by INTERPOL (the international police force), the AMERICAN FBI, CIA, NSA and any other local and international law enforcement / intelligence agency you can think of or name, that if you GOOGLE search Robert Arthur McDuffie you will see that I am a wanted man and that I will soon be arrested and deported from South Africa, that my wife of covenant over the last five years has left me, that the reason my wife has left me is because I am having an affair with our spiritual daughter Joy, that Joy is my concubine (a nice Bible word for sex slave), that I am busy trying to kidnap Joy by flying her to the United States and not letting her return to her family in South Africa, that I have previously had an affair with a woman – one of the members of a local fellowship group and that, that woman told my wife Jenn about the affair and Jenn did not believe her, that Jenn was brainwashed by me – to marry me, come to South Africa with me and then forced to stay here against her will, that I manipulated / tricked Professor “Wimpie” Liebenberg of HRTI to be my friend, confer to me an honorary doctorate, ordain me as a Messianic Rabbi and appoint me as a trustee of HRTI, that I stole / hi-jacked HRTI Ministry in order to begin my own ministry with a similar name, that I was recently kicked out of “the Synagogue church” in Krugersdorp, South Africa by Pastor Gerrie Bester for disorderly conduct  and disrupting the morning service and the list just goes on and on – ad nauseum, etc, etc.    


It seems to me that in the demonically, deluded world of these torah-less, evil and very wicked people (according to my very strongly held belief and opinion), if they can imagine it – then it must be true!  It is almost as if these people had no life whatsoever before I came along and now morning, noon and night their lives are only now becoming interesting as they think of new accusations to speak against me and my family and ever creative “new“ ways to distribute them to the masses. 

Now, from the first week of June until Monday September 2
nd, 2013, Willem J. Kruger stood with me and my family unwavering against all our accusers and their torah-less accusations against us.  He repeatedly told us that he knew the truth and he would witness on our behalf if (and that is a very big IF) i was ever dragged into the courts of South Africa.  He has repeated this assertion to several others as well.

However, on Monday August 26
th, Willem’s countenance and tune began to waver altogether.  It seemed as if our accusers had finally penetrated his seemingly impenetrable armour.  I had warned Willem on multiple occasions just how dangerous it can be to maintain close soul-ties with George Jonker and the others campaigning to discredit me, destroy me and drive me out of South Africa.  I also warned him not to entertain the multitude of wicked / evil reports against us, as it only takes just one evil report to destroy our faith.  Sadly, (in my most humble opinion) his sinful, sin-filled pride deceived him to not give heed to the sound, scripturally-based counsel he was given.  

He unlawfully locked Jenn and I out of the property (effectively, temporarily evicting us) where (in his own words) we had been living as his most honoured guest since January 18
th, 2013, which is located at 63 Sauer Rd, Glen Donald.  Jenn, Joy and myself went directly to Willem’s home and met with him for the next four hours – from 9 p.m. till 1a.m.  The three of us watched in stunned silence as we witnessed his very dark, (seemingly) demonically controlled countenance speak countless lies and false witnesses against us.  In my opinion, Willem was deeply offended because we did not reverence him for his abundance of South African Rand. 

From the beginning of our relationship with Willem and Christine, we made it perfectly clear that we did not care about his money – only the person.  However, now it seems as if Willem’s ego demanded to be respected and recognized (all along) simply because he had money and I absolutely refused to do that.  The reason I believe this to be true is because our meeting (in front of four other witnesses, i.e. the Buks Venter’s family) began with his declaration to everyone present that he was the richest man in Meyerton and that his net worth is R180,000,000 (US $18,000,000.00) and that he gets respect from everyone, but he doesn’t get any respect from me.                

Jennifer, Joy and I cannot even begin to count the times (maybe 100?) this man has given us his unsolicited word that he was going to do something on our behalf or on behalf of the ministry and then he never did do it.  That is why the entire time this wicked man was holding us hostage in his home, I was thinking, “How can I possibly respect a man who lies to my face as many times as you have lied to me?”  Many times I have said to Jenn and Joy, “the family dog gets treated far better than I do by this man.”  Talk about a lack of respect!  From the very beginning, Jenn told me repeatedly that she did not trust Willem Kruger; to which I always responded, “We have never put our trust in men, we have always put our trust in YHWH” and then we would pray – yet again.   

On Wednesday, August 21st, I taught from Galatians 5, as I have been teaching from this letter, verse by verse, from a Torah pursuant perspective, since June.  On this particular night, I spoke about the importance of always speaking in truth and how if we are a believer and we lie to another believer willfully, then we are seriously transgressing the covenant of Yah.  The Scriptures severely warn us, if we are known to habitually lie willfully and we do not have any intention of keeping our word (especially, when we are dealing with fellow believers) then we are in serious danger of fiery judgment. I.e. the second death! (Revelation 21:8; Hebrews 10:26-31) 

They say that when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one who got hit.  I am guessing that Willem got hit pretty hard that night, as he has been yelping pretty loud ever since.  According to some of the witnesses present, when he hurriedly left that night, he left with a dark countenance toward me and the message I presented.  Just like many of the others before him, Willem was offended that his sin had been exposed in the light of the Scriptures and he did not want to humble himself and repent of his countless transgression(s) against YHWH and against us – according to the convicting power of the Spirit.  Just like all the others in George Jonker’s “camp”, Willem was deeply offended and it was all my fault!  In their minds, “the troubler of Yisrael” (meaning me) must be silenced!  Whatever the cost Robert Arthur McDuffie must go!

When we left the meeting, Willem sent the three of us out into the cold night (on August 26
th) with absolutely nothing – no change of clothes, no toothbrush – NOTHING!  In addition, just before we left, he picked up the phone and called a private security firm and made sure his property was guarded throughout the night and then he severely warned us that if we tried to break into his property that we would be arrested by the SA police.  Finally, he informed us that everything we owned now belonged to him.

On Tuesday, August 27
th, Willem met with Jenn, Joy and myself along with a mediator ­– Pastor Ferdinand Boll of the NG Kerk, Florida, Johannesburg.  Miraculously, Ferdinand negotiated our continued presence at the Sauer Rd property.  I say miraculously, because Willem continued to lie with almost every breath he took during our meeting and his change of mind came without him admitting any wrong doing or repentance.

After four hours, Willem stated he loved us, he did not have any problem with us and that he wanted us to continue to stay at his property as his guests – indefinitely.  Aside from supernatural intervention, we could not even begin to imagine how or why Willem changed his mind.  Basically, everything was just a huge misunderstanding, according to him.  However, all three of us were of the strong belief that Willem was still greatly deluded and heavily demonically controlled by a lying spirit.         

On Friday, August 30th, 2013, Jenn departed to the United States (where she is presently staying with my parents), to take care of some urgent personal business; a serious mission which was given to her by heavenly assignment.  Our good friend Ferdinand Boll met us at the airport and I went back with him to his house to stay, while Jenn is presently away.  Willem knew of this arrangement when we met with him on Tuesday the 27th and was in full agreement with it.

On Monday, September 16
th, 2013, Joy and I returned to the property on Sauer Rd. in the early afternoon.  We returned to the property in order to store the bulk food (which we had bought for our food pantry) into smaller zip lock storage bags.  We had been working for no more than 15-30 minutes when Willem’s personal assistant, Nico Rothmann, walked up to the open window of the room and called out my name. 

I answered him affirmatively and then invited him to come in.  He excitedly declined my offer and then hurriedly ran away from the property.  Next, Willem called me and asked me what I was doing at the property.  I explained to him that we were working at repackaging our food pantry into smaller storage units and then we would be leaving as soon as were finished.  He then inexplicably replied that we were not supposed to be there and that he was going to call the police and have me arrested.  When the police arrived, I showed them our letters of invitation from Willem and then I demonstrated the keys in my possession belonged to the security gate and door and both worked properly.  Finally, I also pointed out all of our personal belongings located throughout the house.  In addition, they could not find any sign of forced entry into the house.

Completely perplexed, one of the officers (who has been on the force since 1986) told us that he had never seen or heard of anything so strange in all of his time as a police officer.  Before the police officer left, I showed him an inventory (which we had hand written before Jenn left for America) of all our personal belongings inside the house.   I then asked him to sign off on it as a witness.  I did this because I knew in my spirit that there would be a break-in just as soon as we left the property that day, so as to further try to intimidate me / us to leave.  However, he informed me that it would not do us any good for him to sign it and that it would not stand up in any court even if he did.  Of course, I knew he was right.

At my request, on Thursday, September 19
th, 2013, Ferdinand Boll arranged to meet with Willem, Joy, myself and Joy’s friend – (a soon retiring attorney) by the name of Pieter de Bruin.  When we arrived, Willem was showing Ferdinand how the home had been forcibly broken into.  The front guest bedroom window was standing wide open and the sliding-glass back door was also open.  Immediately, I sensed in my spirit that it was an inside job and that the window and door were left open as a staged scene after the fact.  However, at Ferdinand’s insistence I did not say anything at the time.

Without calling the police to report a robbery or request an investigation of any sort (which in my opinion any right thinking person (who is not guilty of any criminal activity) would have done), Willem began our meeting with his seemingly semi-rehearsed opening remarks and statements, which were soon interrupted by a telephone call that he excused himself to answer.  Since almost every word he had spoken since the meeting began was false (in my strongly held belief), when he returned, I asked Willem if he would be willing to swear “as YHWH lives”, upon his own life, that everything he had said thus far was truthful and that he would only speak the truth for the duration of our meeting.

Against the counsel of Pieter de Bruin (who advised him not to swear at all and to just let his “yes be yes and his no be no”), Willem insisted that he swear.  From that point forward, I knew in my heart that I was in serious trouble, as I was dealing with a man whom, in my opinion, does not fear YHWH at all!  At that time I informed Willem (in no uncertain terms) that I would not be leaving the property and I instructed him to repent of his countless lies and false witnesses (according to my perception of honesty and truth) before YHWH.  I also informed him, if he wanted to get a letter of eviction; I would then proceed through the legal channels afforded me by the government of South Africa, otherwise, I absolutely refused to leave.

I was not, nor will I be ever be intimidated by those who practice torah-less-ness against YHWH and His servant(s).   After Willem left the four of us, I called the police and reported the burglary.  Next, Joy and I spoke to Isaac.  Isaac is Willem’s servant who lives on the grounds.  Isaac told me that he had witnessed the window and back door to the house were closed when he did his daily evening and morning patrols the previous evening and that very morning.  In addition, the owner of the bed manufacturing plant (which is also located on the premises), Kobus, assured me that the gate had been continually locked all that day, until Willem had arrived for our meeting that day.

Since between R10000 (1,000.00 US) and R15000 worth of bulk food had been stolen, it was impossible that it could have been stolen without the use of a bakkie (a small pick-up truck).  According to these two witnesses (Isaac and Kobus), it was also impossible that the crime had been committed that day and it was also 100% certain that the crime scene had been staged by somebody on the inside.  I cannot help but wonder if the South Africa Police will ever “solve” this crime?  After all, according to Willem’s own testimony, he is the richest man in Meyerton and I have been repeatedly told (by many reputable and unreputable citizens of South Africa) that the police in Meyerton, South Africa are known to freely accept bribes (wilfully perverting justice) and that they frequently slaughter animals to the ancestors in order to “solve” their more complicated cases and incur the favour of the deceased. I.e. Demon worship!

PLEASE NOTE: The active case number for the burglary is 267/09/2013.  Sergeant MJ Kekana is the investigator and his personal contact is 078 544 8403.  If you feel that you have any useful information that would be helpful to the Sergeant in “solving” this crime, then please contact him immediately.

The very next morning, Willem showed up along with Manny and Isabelle Bruwer (and two of their known associates) as well as Isaac, Nico Rothmann, South African Advocate, Petriann Jonker and George Jonker in order to remove all of Willem’s personal property from the house.  I immediately messaged Joy and asked her to contact the police and ask them to come straight away, as I knew there was going to be trouble.

As I patiently waited for the police to arrive, they forcibly removed all the furnishings that belonged to Willem including the built in stove and fridge.  While they were doing this, most of them jeered me, mocked me, insulted me, cursed me, cussed me and continually falsely accused me to my face.  I must say, it really, really  surprised me that Manny and Isabelle were there along with their two boys, as we had helped Manny and Isabelle with cash money donations and food previously, when they had absolutely nothing at all. 

It was only a few weeks previous when they were complaining to us about how wicked Willem was acting toward them by making Manny work all the time without paying him and then forcing them to pay rent on a property, which they claimed he had originally given them the use of in exchange for the labor needed in order to complete the construction on the housing units where they were all going to live.  Together, they run a ministry called “Golden Hands”, which is supposedly a homeless outreach to “the least of these” among the Afrikaans.  Now they were helping Willem to evict us from our home.  How very, very ironic! 

However, Isabelle recently received a large inheritance and boy o’ boy does money (sometimes the lack of it and at other times the abundance of it) have a way of exposing the true hearts of people.  Just the night before, I had spoke to Isabelle and gave her the phone numbers where Jenn could be reached, while she is staying in the U.S.  In tears, she expressed to me how much she missed Jenn and how she was soooo anxious to speak to her and catch up with her and tell her all about what YHWH was doing in their lives.  She especially wanted to tell Jenn about the large inheritance they had only recently received. 

In my mind I was actually thinking, “Wow, finally, somebody who actually wants to speak to us directly and hear our side of things.  Maybe after she verifies our innocence against all these false accusations, she will remember us and our kindness toward them and bless us with a love offering.”   Unfortunately, I could have not been more mistaken.   

Jenn never did hear from Isabelle that night.  However, she did receive a call from Willem Kruger.  He told her that he got her number(s) from Isabelle.  Also, according to Willem’s testimony to Ferdinand Boll, Isabelle received a FACEBOOK communication from my wife Jenn, where Jenn supposedly stated that she left me because I was having an extra-marital affair with our spiritual daughter Joy.  Unfortunately, Isabelle has never spoke to Jenn, Joy or myself to verify if Jenn was indeed the authoress of this abundantly false communication.  Due to these two seeming betrayals of our trust, their eagerness to help Willem to illegally evict us and Manny’s dark, (seemingly) demonic looking countenance while he was openly mocking and jeering me before witnesses; it is my strong present belief they were instrumental in the aforementioned staged burglary and the stolen food is presently being stored on their farm (which they recently bought from Willem Kruger), which is located over on the old Heidelberg Rd, just next to the Malonjenie Game Farm, which is also partly owned by Willem Kruger.                   

When the police finally showed up that morning, all of my internal instincts strongly warned me that Warrant Officer Pule’ (the officer in charge) did not really care about protecting the rights of the visiting American.  Whether he was bribed by Willem or not – YHWH only knows, however, he was very insistent that I needed to pack my “stuff” and leave the property, as the owner did not want me to be there any longer.  I assured officer Pule’ that I had every intent of following the laws of South Africa and that I would be leaving, just as soon as I received an eviction notice and had explored all my legal options with an attorney.

I assured the officer that I would not be intimidated nor bullied into leaving the premises.  Either Willem could follow the law or I would be staying as his invited guest.  As soon as the officer left (along with the rest of the accompanying Meyerton Police), things began to rapidly go from bad to worse.  Willem began directing everyone to forcibly remove all of our personal property out of the house and into a storage facility nearby and he emphatically repeated over and over again that he was simply following the directions he had received from W / O Pule’.

At this point, Willem Kruger and his personal assistant, Nico Rothmann, both physically assaulted me in the Master Bedroom.  I was first tackled to the bed and then later fell to the floor as both men tried to pry my personal laptop computer and Blackberry Curve cell phone from my arms and hand.  While I was being assaulted, Willem put my neck into a choke hold from behind.  I literally cried out at the top of my voice, “Assault! Assault! Assault!  Police! Police! Police!  Rape! Rape! Rape!  Fire! Fire! Fire!  YHWH help! YHWH help! YHWH help!  I plead the blood of Yahoshua!  I plead the blood of Yahoshua!  The blood of Yahoshua save me!  The blood of Yahoshua save me!

While all this was going on, the finger print tech was in the very next room and literally only 5 – 7 meters from the sound of my voice.  He did not come in to help me.  He did not call for back up.  He did absolutely nothing on my behalf!  While a fellow human being was literally crying out for his life, Anwlo Molubi (from the Vereening Police Station) did absolutely nothing whatsoever to assist me!  Again, I cannot help but wonder, was his indifference due to a bribe in the hand, to turn a blind eye and pervert justice – paid to him from Willem Kruger or Nicholas Rothmann?  Before he left, I watched incredulously as Willem’s servant loaded a tri-pod cooker into the back of his car, at Willem’s direction.  Was this yet another bribe being paid to Anwlo Molubi or just Willem’s way of thanking Anwlo for the favour of staying out of his personal “business”?    

After all, Anwlo absolutely refused to take fingerprints from the specific areas where I greatly suspected they would be located (mostly due to the fact that I had the before photos which I had taken of the entire house just before Jenn left) which documented all the contents and exact arrangement of each room.  Instead, he only took fingerprints from the areas of the home where Willem commanded him to, knowing full well that they would be perfectly useless to the investigation.  In addition, from Warrant Officer Pule’ to every other officer on the scene that day, it truly seemed to me that they could have cared less that countless people were present and actively and intentionally destroying the crime scene before any actual fingerprints could be taken, even though I informed them that it was still an active crime scene under investigation and even though the finger print tech arrived before they all left – confirming my words to be true. 

During the actual assault, Pastor Ferdinand Boll called me and I somehow managed to answer his call.  Later that day he would testify to me that for a very brief amount of time, he heard me helplessly crying out loudly in complete desperation.  (It is interesting to note that I have known the complete shalom of Heaven throughout this entire ordeal from the very first day in June, until this very day.  Even while I was being assaulted, I thought to myself, “I should be absolutely terrified right now, but somehow or another I still have perfect peace.”  To YHWH alone be all the esteem!)

After Nico managed to rip my computer out of my arms (which were wrapped around it in a bear like hug) and Willem pried my cell phone out of the vice like grip of my hand (by literally trying to break my pointer finger and tearing the connecting skin and muscles in the process), both items were then taken by Nico Rothmann and he quickly disappeared down the hall with them.   

As soon as I was able to, I then immediately went to the Meyerton police station to file a complaint.  Shortly after I showed up there, Willem also walked through the door.  It wasn’t to much longer and he was accompanied by Nico, Isaac and the advocate Petriann Jonker.  Officer Pule’ invited us all into his office and listened to both sides of our complaint and then informed us that either we three could all sit in jail for the weekend and appear before the court on Monday or we could go our way in peace. 

Now, Joy’s biological dad, Buks Venter, used to serve on the South African Police force and he has repeatedly stated that he would kill himself before allowing himself to be taken into custody in a South African jail.  That is why I knew that I knew that this would not be an acceptable option at all.

Once again, I cannot help but wonder, did Warrant Officer Pule’ accept a bribe from Willem or on Willem’s behalf, seeing as how I had obvious injuries from the assault and he and Nico had none?  (Please see attached, accompanying pictures, which were taken by my spiritual daughter (Joy Venter) on the very same day as the attack.)  Is this what South African Justice looks like?  If you have money, power and / or position (or any combination of the three) you can get away with just about anything, but if you are a true servant of YHWH, you have no voice or say in the courts of men whatsoever?

Willem tore my finger's skin and muscle when he pried my cell phone from my hand during the assault.

Willem tore my finger’s skin and muscle when he pried my cell phone from my hand during the assault.

My arm was left bruised and bloody where my lap top computer was ripped away by Nico.

My arm was left bruised and bloody where my lap top computer was ripped away by Nico.

Skin burned off where their continued assault knocked me down onto the floor from the bed.

Skin burned off where their continued assault knocked me down onto the floor from the bed.


Scratch to the head and swelling to my cheek and under-jaw from the assault.

Scratch to the head and swelling to my cheek and under-jaw from the assault.


Bruised shoulder from the assault.

Bruised shoulder from the assault.

When Pastor Boll showed up at the Meyerton police station, he was absolutely insistent that I had the right to file a criminal complaint.  Ever so reluctantly, I followed Ferdinand back into the police station, only to experience the same steel wall of resistance.  I would not be allowed to file any complaint.  Ferdinand was as livid as I have ever seen him, as he could not believe what he was personally witnessing.  I had been illegally evicted, assaulted and robbed and my personal property destroyed and the police force of South Africa, Meyerton would not lift a finger to help me.  

Amazingly, the first time we went into Officer Pule’s office, Nico played a video he had made on his cell phone.  The video showed Nico interviewing three employees of the bed manufacturing plant, (who were all conveniently on hand, as they were helping Willem to illegally remove all our personal belongings along with their employer, Kobus) and they each claimed to have spotted my cell phone underneath the master bed frame.  Now, if I was Warrant Officer Pule’ I would ask myself, “How in the world, would these guys know that Robert Arthur McDuffie was going to specifically accuse them of assault and stealing his computer and cell phone?”  I would have then also asked, “Why are these guys so anxious to prove their innocence before a criminal complaint has even been filed?”

When Pastor Boll and I returned to the scene of the assault and robbery under the protection of a police escort, Nico and Isaac pointed out the phone to us.  When I went to go pick it up, I found the battery and sim card had been removed and the inside of it was busted up and destroyed as to render the phone inoperable forever.  Until this day, the 2009 Toshiba laptop computer (with a great big scratch across the top, a very loose battery port and a broken plastic DVD cover on the right side, which we bought at Best Buy in Colombus, Ohio, USA) has not been recovered.  

While I was recovering a few personal effects, the police escort assured Ferdinand that justice in South Africa is only for those who have money and can afford to hire legal representation.  I have to freely confess that from all I have seen and witnessed so far, I am almost in full agreement with his statement.

The following Monday, Joy and I went to the Meyerton police station once again, as we were promised a police escort to supervise the safe removal of the remainder of our property at Sauer Rd.  While we were waiting in the lobby, an Afrikaans woman caught my eye and asked if we had been sorted.  I informed her that we were waiting for a promised police escort.  She then inquired again if we were being properly assisted.

I then informed her of all I had been through in my experience with the South African police in Meyerton on the previous Friday and how no one wanted to file my complaint.  Rather than just shrug her shoulders in indifference, this woman went away with a determined look that she was going to get somebody to properly assist me.  Well, as it turns out, this particular woman was the personal assistant to Lt. Col. Van der Merwe and he came out and met me in the lobby.

The Lt. Col. knew who I was, as there is still an active criminal complaint open against me for “unlawfully intimidating the citizens of South Africa”.  It is my strongly held belief that this is what torah-less sinners call it when they are called to account for known moral failure(s) and they absolutely refuse to humble themselves and truly repent of their crimes.  Anyway, in any case, the Lt. Col. knew about me, the active burglary complaint and my desire to file a complaint against Willem Kruger and Nico Rothmann for the assault and robbery as well as the illegal eviction.  He assured me that he would have an officer take my statement under oath.

The next day, Tuesday, September the 24
th I went to the state hospital for an examination of my injuries and then I went to go see the Warrant Officer Viljoen to file my sworn statement. 

PLEASE NOTE: Warrant Officer MA Nkoana is the investigator working this active case.  It is Case number 305/9/2013 and his contact number is 016 362 0126.  Please feel free to contact him, if you believe you have any useful information that you would like to share with him in order to help him “solve” this crime.

Thank you for taking the time to read this sworn affidavit of truth.  Thank you for your prayers and supplication on our behalf.  Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement as we have been made to suffer this great trial for Yahoshua’s Name sake these 114 days.

In Sincerity and in Truth, your servant and His,

Robert Arthur McDuffie

Ps – Whether you choose to believe it or not, we are living in the very, very end of days and Yahoshua’s return is much nearer than most dare to believe possible  – even at the door!  Do not trust in your natural senses and perceptions concerning this grave matter, for you have the very prophetic word of Elohim and He declares it to be true from Genesis through Revelation.  Shalom, shalom!