My dear brothers, Michael Brown and Kent Hovind, this is the second time I have written both of you an open letter.



You are both noted modern-day apologists for both the Christian faith and the veracity and inerrancy of Scripture.

However, I have NEVER seen either one of you write a serious apology for ANY of the twelve challenges presented here in this blog.  I would like to challenge you both to do so – thus fulfilling the admonition of Scripture.

“But sanctify the Messiah as Sovereign in your hearts: and be ready always to give
an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:” ~ 1Peter 3:15 

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Intro: I had NEVER previously considered the possibility of Yahoshua returning for His Bride at the time of the Feast of Shavuot before this season of my life.  I had heard it mentioned once as a possibility in passing – back in 2010 – and out of THE PRIDE OF MY HEART – I dismissed the possibility altogether – as being impossible!

After all, since at least 2003, I was 100% certain the rapture would occur either at “the sound of the last trump” on the day of the Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah) or when the “last trump” sounded on Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) in the year of Jubilee.
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I have heard the “prophecy” repeated over and over this past year that Donald John Trump is a modern day Cyrus and that he will most definitely will be the next POTUS or President of the United States of America. Is this a true word from Heaven or is this the vain imaginations of the narcissistic, hyper-Pentecostal “prophets”, “apostles” and “ring masters” of our day?

For those of you who do not know – Cyrus was the first king of the Persian empire and an amazing prophecy was foretold about his life – in the Old Testament book of Isaiah – 120 years before he was even born. To be able to test the previously mentioned prophetic claim(s) concerning Trump – maybe we should first take a look at that passage of Scripture. Read the full post »


Dear brother Michael, as a matter of curiosity, I was wondering how come Christianity doesn’t obey the fourth commandment and doesn’t preach that it is sin to do so?

If sin is the transgression of the law – as recorded in 1John 3:4 – then how come it is not a sin to not obey the Sabbath commandment?

When I began studying this matter for myself, I was shell-shocked to find that there is not one single verse in the entire Bible (taken in context) that mentions the changing of the Sabbath day to Sunday… that there was NEVER any unusual significance – to the first century believers – regarding the first day of the week… that NONE of the first century saints ceased to honor the Sabbath… and that our Messiah did not rise from the dead on the first day of the week.

As a matter of fact – when I began to study the Scripture for myself – I was shocked once again to discover the Good News accounts insist upon a Wed. crucifixion and a Sabbath resurrection – otherwise there is a glaring contradiction between the first verse of Mark 16 and the last verse of Luke 23.

I was further shocked to discover that the feast of first fruits and the feast of Pentecost – were both ALWAYS celebrated on the first day of the week – per instructions given in Leviticus 23 – ever since Mt. Sinai! This too agrees with all the Good News accounts and not the modern fiction taught by the rabbis – regarding the sixth day of the third month.

In other words – there was nothing new regarding the day Yahoshua haMashiach ascended to Heaven early on the first day of the week – presenting Himself as the first fruits of the resurrection – as the high priest of our faith (1Cor. 15 & Heb. 1-7). He was simply fulfilling the appointed time of Yahweh.

According to the Good News accounts – He died at Passover, was buried at Unleavened Bread, rose on the Sabbath (which was the third day of the Unleavened Bread feast), ascended to Heaven at the First Fruits and poured out His Spirit on Pentecost. Each event transpired (and a whole lot more) at the exact second Jerusalem time that Yahweh ordained His people to celebrate His appointed feasts forever.

All of the above facts can be easily verified. However, for your convenience I have written a an in depth research paper on the subject.

The Passover Feast, The Whore and the Beast

So once again, I am asking you dearly beloved brother in Messiah Yahoshua – how come most Christians break the fourth commandment and how come it is not a sin to do so?

I respect you as an apologist and you have written many good book and countless good articles. However, you have NEVER seriously written an apology for forsaking and breaking the fourth commandment by the Christian church. I challenge you to do so and I look forward to reading it soon – before it is eternally too late.

Most sincerely, His servant and yours, Robert-Arthur: McDuffie ~ Gal. 6:14




Shimon Peres has been declared dead on this day – Elul 27th 5776 – on the Jewish (Hillel) calendar!

Peres is a Hebrew word which means breach or division.

In a picture – imagine the Grand Canyon!

23 year ago – TO THE VERY DAY – on the Hillel calendar – the Oslo accords were publicly announced to the world at a ceremonial signing in Washington D.C. An abominable agreement that the nation State of Israel would give up their right to their land and surrender it to the Palestinians in exchange for peace.

In Hebrew your name is also your prophetic destiny.  The man who name means “division, breach, to divide” is the very man who agreed to divide up the land and give it away!  Shimon means to hear or be heard.  The whole world heard it – the day he agreed to divide up the land of Israel and give it to their sworn enemies!

Note: Oslo is the Hebrew word for toilet paper..


Rabin and Peres committed high treason against the covenant people of Yisrael and against Yahweh Elohim Yahoshua (Jesus) to whom the land is titled deeded forever – when they agreed to this accord!

Note: In Genesis 12 Yahweh gave the land to Abraham and his seed!

v.7 “And Yahweh appeared unto Abram, and said, Unto thy seed will I give this land: and there builded he an altar unto Yahweh, who appeared unto him.”

In Galatians 3 – by the inspiration of the Spirit – the author makes it perfectly clear that the seed Yahweh was referring to was His only begotten Son – Yahoshua haMashiach (Jesus the Messiah)!

v.16 “Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is the Messiah.”


President Peres, Prime Minister Rabin and PLO leader Arafat ALL jointly received the Nobel Peace Prize for agreeing to this covenant of death.

Note: It is NEVER wise to try to steal the land – which the KING OF THE UNIVERSE has titled deeded to Himself – and then try to give it to His sworn enemies!


The agreement NEVER manifested into reality – primarily because the stated goal of the PLO is not peace – but the complete annihilation of the Jewish people. They have stated this claim repeatedly over the years and it can easily be verified all over the world-wide-web and You Tube. The Palestinian political party Hamas has the same stated aim, as does most of the Islamic countries in the middle-east. Many of them have this stated aim written in their constitution.

The first time Peres appears in Scripture is Genesis 38. It is the rather strange and remarkable account of the birth of the twin sons of Judah by his daughter-in-law Tamar. He is of the lineage of King David and also the Messiah Yahoshua (Jesus)!

It is very interesting to note that the word Peres is found in Daniel 5:28 – which reads –

“PERES, your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.”

This prophecy was spoken by Daniel on the eve. that the kingdom of Babylon was conquered! The kingdom of ancient Babylon ruled over the nations for exactly seventy years – before Yahweh destroyed it in one hour – as foretold by the prophet Jeremiah.

v.11-12 “And this whole land shall be a desolation, and an astonishment; and these nations shall serve the king of Babylon seventy years. And it shall come to pass, when seventy years are accomplished, that I will punish the king of Babylon, and that nation, saith Yahweh, for their iniquity, and the land of the Chaldeans, and will make it perpetual desolations.”

At the end of the weekly Sabbath – at the end of the third day – from the time Peres died – the Jewish people will be celebrating the first day of the New Year 5777. Exactly eight years ago – on the eve of this day – the market fell exactly 7% and / or 777.7 points. Ten days later it fell exactly 7% again and / or 678.910 points.

The ONLY reason the economy didn’t enter into full blown depression was because the U.S.A. Inc. bailed out mega-insurer A.I.G., Big Banking and General Motors – among many others – while sacrificing mega-broker Lehman Brothers to the god(s) of Wall Street. In order to ensure the economy didn’t collapse during the reign of acting POTUS – Barak Hussein Obama – the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK began to print and spend money without restraint and then purchasing huge quantities of worthless U.S. Security Bonds that nobody else in the world wanted.

It has been EXACTLY seventy years since the dollar first became the international currency that it is today and that the tri-une power called “Mystery Babylon” came into global power and world-wide influence – due to the Bretton Woods Agreement.

Let he who has ears to hear – hear what the Spirit is speaking to His people!

What does all this mean?

It could mean that the death of Peres will mark the time of the division of the land of Israel and it’s capitol city Jerusalem – between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

It could mean that the covenant Bride of Yahoshua (Jesus) is about to be divided from the rest of the world – due to the rapture.

It could mean the end of the reign of the western economy and the beginning of the reign of the BRICS nations.

It could mean that the Zechariah 14 war is directly at hand.

I honestly do not KNOW exactly what it means… However, I do know it is VERY significant and Yahweh’s people need to pray for understanding and discerning of spirit. We are living in a very uncertain and dire time and our only hope is Yahweh Elohim – the God of Israel!

I also know that the “Black Moon” will manifest on the eve of the Jewish New Year 5777 and thus will be the eleventh heavenly sign manifesting in the sun or the moon – on Yahweh’s appointed times – since the first “Blood Moon” manifested on Passover 2014.

Eleven is the Hebrew number for Judgment!

In addition, I know that control of the internet is scheduled to be handed over by Obama to the United Nations this Saturday and the New World Order of International Banking will also be fully implemented by Saturday (I.e. The SDR).

Shalom, shalom, to all in the spirit of Isaiah 1:19-20. His servant and yours, R

Ps – As leaders from around the world line up to give tribute to President / Prime Minister Peres consider the following words…

“Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you for so did their fathers to the false prophets.” ~ Luke 6:26

“Know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with Elohim? whosoever thereforewill be a friend of the world is the enemy of Elohim.” ~ James 4:4

Pps – Two important things!

One – the original Hillel calendar records today as the 27th day of the month. The modern Rabbinical invention records today as the 25th.

Two – in what can only be described as the most bizarre of “coincidences” today is the exact day that he signed the Oslo 2 accords on the Gregorian calendar! Wow! Wow! Wow!































































































































I Robert-Arthur: McDuffie, do solemnly swear, as Yahweh Elohim lives, that all of my communication, contained in this e-mail, is in Truth, complete, and motivated solely by my love for Messiah Yahoshua of Nazareth, our Heavenly Abba and for you, my dear brother Jim Staley, the covenant family of the now dissolved PFT (PASSION FOR TRUTH) ministries and the effected saints of Yahweh world-wide.  If I am not swearing truthfully then may Yahweh Elohim of Hosts strike me dead immediately that all may learn to fear who would falsely swear by His set-apart name.

An open letter to my dear brother Jim Staley, the assembly at PFT and the saints of Yahweh world-wide.

Whatever you believe about Jim Staley – let me be the first to say he is a beloved son of Yahweh, a beloved brother of mine, a fellow servant of the kingdom and a great apologist of the one true faith – delivered once and for all to the saints.

Jim Staley is not a thief! He is not a con-artist!  He is not a hypocrite!

At least not any more or less than any one of us are when compared to Yahoshua haMashiach (Jesus the Messiah). The majority of those who have spoken concerning this matter (including Jim Staley) have not spoken revelation received from Heaven. (I.e. The Tree of Life!)  They have mostly spoken out of an abundance of information / mis-information. (I.e. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil! = Death!)

Note: Even if you are only speaking from the good side of this tree it still only produces death! An abundance of knowledge and information is not what is needed in this present age.  What is needed most is revelation from on high!

What follows is a true, first hand, eye-witness account which the Spirit has released me to publish / proclaim as an urgent warning to the entire body of Messiah! Let all who have ears to hear – listen and hear what the Spirit is saying through this timely revelation.  Almost everything you think you know about what is really going on with Jim Staley and Passion For Truth Ministries is probably incorrect – whether in whole or in part.

This is the fifth and final time I will be writing concerning this matter.  The first time I was compelled by the Spirit to write to Jim Staley.  The second, third, and fourth times I was compelled by the Spirit to write to the assembly at PFT.  Now, I am compelled by the Spirit to write one last warning to the body of Messiah at large.

By the Providence of Heaven, Jim Staley was sentenced to seven years of confinement and three years of probation on August 19th, 2015, as a matter of heavenly ordained correction. (Daniel 4)  Who knows – If Jim had previously humbled himself before Yahweh – taking to heart the urgent warning given him, followed by the urgent call to correction and finally the urgent call to repentance – just maybe he would have never been found guilty in the courts of men and just maybe he would have remained free to minister to both his earthly and spiritual families for the rest of his days.

The primary reason Jim Staley is presently sentenced to seven years confinement in a UNITED STATES FEDERAL PENITENTIARY is because he does not walk according to the revealed, direct and delegated authority established by Yahweh – in the fear of Yahweh. Out of the pride of his heart, Jim has repeatedly disregarded / disobeyed the direct and delegated voice of authority Yahweh established in His life and it is primarily for this grievous transgression that Father is publicly correcting him – out of His perfect heart of love for Jim and that the saints may learn to fear Yahweh!

Who knows, if Jim reads this open letter and repents before Yahweh perhaps Yahweh will supernaturally intervene on his behalf and suspend his sentence or at the very least dramatically reduce it.

On August 25th, 2015 I was led by the Spirit of Yahweh to drive to Branson, Missouri, to meet with Jim – one last time. As I began to drive toward Branson, I honestly did not even know for certain if Jim would be there, much less be willing to meet with me.  For sure, I did not know how to immediately get in touch with him in order to confirm if what I believed I was hearing from the Spirit was correct or not.

All I could do – was get behind the wheel of my vehicle and drive – believing the set-apart Spirit was faithfully directing my steps once again. Directly before I departed, my beloved bride of almost seven years came under a severe demonic attack by the spirit of fear.  It had been a very long time since I had seen this level of personal attack against my bride and thus I took this attack as a possible confirmation that I was most likely heading in the exact right direction.

As I began the journey to Branson, I contacted my spiritual authority of the last fourteen years and explained to him about the mission I had been assigned to that very morning and the ensuing attack upon my bride. We then prayed in the spirit concerning my bride and the mission at hand.  After our call ended, I then called another dear brother whom I believed to be one of the leaders at Passion for Truth Ministries.

Directly before my departure that morning the Spirit had spoken to my heart to make sure to bring my personal copy of the Scriptures. Later as I was driving, He then reminded me that one of the men in leadership at PFT had written his number down and given it to me the previous year.  I had placed that piece of paper inside my copy of the Scriptures and had forgotten all about it until that very day.

When I opened up the Scriptures, I discovered the phone number right where I had put it – just waiting for me to find it at that exact moment in time. As I continued to drive toward Branson, I placed the call and spoke to that man for the very first time since he had given me his number.  I was pleasantly surprised at the warmth of his reception and the genuineness of the fellowship we shared as we both testified in spirit and in truth to the goodness of Father, His mercy and the wonderful truths He was presently revealing to us and causing us to walk in obedience to – by faith.

I also shared with this brother the purpose of my going to Branson and asked him directly if he knew for certain whether or not Jim was presently there. After my brother confirmed this to be true, I then asked him if he would be willing to forward a text to Jim – requesting him to meet with me that same day.  My brother assured me that he would gladly honour my request.  Toward the end of the call, I rejoiced greatly as I prayed with my brother and later after we hung up.  I just love to hear and obey Father’s voice.  It is the joy of life itself!  I also love to hear the testimonies of others who have also heard and obeyed His voice – by faith.  In this day and age of great compromise it is truly refreshing.

A couple hours later, Jim called me from a private number. However, he resolutely refused to meet with me and insisted that if I had anything to say to him, then I needed to say it over the phone.  First, I assured my brother of my love for him, his family and the assembly at PFT and then I assured him that everything I had said and done from our first meeting up until that moment had been done out of obedience to Father and my love for Him, His Word and His people.

I further assured my brother that the only reason I was in attendance at his sentencing on August 19th was out of obedience to the voice of the Spirit and that neither my wife nor myself took any pleasure in the outcome.  I then tried to patiently communicate with Jim that his recent federal prison sentence had absolutely nothing to do with the “crime” he had plead guilty to in FEDERAL COURT.   In addition, I tried to share with Jim how Father was using the federal prison sentence to bring about much needed correction in Jim’s life and was being used as a direct answer to his prayers.

Jim responded by assuring me that he was quite certain of my love for Yahweh, His Word and His people, however, he was also 100% certain the prophetic word I had spoken to him and to the assembly at PFT were completely false. In Jim’s own words, he did not doubt my sincerity whatsoever; however, he sincerely believed that I was sincerely wrong.  He even suggested I call one of the members who had left PFT (out of obedience to the voice of the Spirit) and ask for his forgiveness for leading him astray. (I have since called that brother and he assured me that I had not sinned against him and Father used me and the word I gave – to minister to him during a very difficult time in his life.)

Jim and I continued our civil discourse for approximately another five to ten minutes until we were unexpectedly disconnected – due to technological failure on my end. I have not heard from Jim since that time, even though my phone was operational again in less than one minute.

Later that same day, the Master released my wife and me from Missouri and led us to return to our home base in South West, Florida. This chapter of the supernatural journey we had been on since I first met Jim Staley face to face in April of 2014 was rapidly coming to a close.  Only Yahweh knows how this dramatic episode is going to play out in all our lives in the soon coming days.  However, I can share with you how it all began.

Jim and I first met at PFT at the dawning of the 22nd of Aviv.  At Jim’s open invitation, Jenn and I attended the last day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread at PFT in 2014.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time of fellowship with the saints and we made several key connections that very first night.  One of the saints whom we had initially met even offered to introduce us to Jim if we were interested.

Our initial overall impression of PFT was a favourable one. The body seemed to be alive with varying active ministry and the assembly itself seemed to have a good healthy balance of both the Word and Spirit.  Upon meeting Jim, he was given a valid word of knowledge concerning the spirit of rejection actively attacking me, my wife and our ministry and vehemently trying to distract us, divide us and destroy us.  He also shared a revelation Father has given him in 2013, which was very similar to the revelation which was given to us around the same time while we were ministering in South Africa.  We were both very grateful for the confirmation of the word of knowledge given us.

Before we left, Jim ministered in prayer for us / with us – while other saints also prayed in agreement. Before we departed, we decided to purchase the resource which was promoted that evening – “Shalom In The Home.”  As we drove the two hours back to Marion, Illinois, we made the quality decision to move over to St. Charles, Missouri and stay at the Inn Town Suites.  We would live there and attend PFT during the short interim in between the contracted job we would soon be finishing and the one we would soon be starting near Little Rock, Arkansas.

On Thursday April 24th, 2014, Yahweh awakened me bright and early and while I was showering He spoke to me very clearly and told me I was to meet with Jim Staley that morning and that I was to share with him three very specific, personal testimonies – in their most abbreviated form. After informing my wife of the assigned mission, I immediately walked across the street to PFT and informed the receptionist at the front desk of the reason for my visit.  I know the only reason Jim agreed to meet with me that morning was because the Spirit of Yahweh had spoken to him to meet with me.  There is absolutely no way he would have agreed to change / interrupt his busy schedule if the Spirit had not led him to do so.

When I first met with Jim, I testified for the fourth time that morning that what I had to say would only take about five minutes, however, if the set-apart Spirit decided to hi-jack the meeting and extend it for another five hours, then there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. After we opened in prayer, I shared with Jim what the Spirit had put in my heart and mouth to share.  Approximately five hours later, Jim led us in prayer and then we warmly embraced and parted ways.

While neither of us knew the fullness of why we were called to a Heavenly arranged meeting that day, Jim speculated correctly that perhaps Yahweh had sent me to warn him in the strongest possible terms of what he could soon expect if he did not heed the warning given him. I was Yahweh’s exhibit “A” of how a loving Father brings about much needed correction in His children’s lives.  Later that day as I reflected upon our meeting, there was no doubt in my mind that if Jim did not completely humble himself quickly then a long, hard fall would soon be coming.  Whether Jim understood (or presently understands) the heavenly transaction that took place over those five hours, Father had established me as a delegated authority over his life and ministry.

FOLLOWING: Is what I was led to share with Jim and his initial response.

First, I shared the testimony about how I received a copy of the Scriptures in April 2006 while I was in Kingdom City, Mo. It was personally delivered to me by the hand of a Heavenly messenger.  Then four and a half years later the set-apart Spirit led me to the very continent, country, city and suburb where the Scriptures translation had actually originated from.  Yahweh even made sure the local municipality placed a brand new sign directly outside the property where we first lived in South Africa, less than ten meters from the front gate – just to make sure we wouldn’t miss it.


Next, I shared the testimony about how I had supernaturally been given a very unique revelation concerning Daniel 9:24-27 (from the ancient PaRDeS method of interpreting the Scriptures).  This revelation came during a seven day fast which commenced the 9th of Av in 2012.  The following week (during a three day fast) Yahweh revealed to me that all five time-lines I had written and published concerning the remez (prophetic) and drash (revelation) levels of Daniel 9:24-27 were an exact match of my wife and I’s heavenly arranged, seventy days of betrothal in their revealed meaning and how each one of the five different time-lines matched exactly on a day-for-year basis.


I further shared that because of this Heaven sent revelation and confirmation, I considered it to be a very strong possibility the bride will be raptured on Yom Teruah 2016 and I also considered it to be a very strong possibility that every single eschatological time-line presented by Christendom and Messianic / Hebrew Roots teachers are pretty much false. I then related to Jim how the same / similar revelation has been given to many other prophetic voices all over the world.  However, most of those voices have since denied the revelation given them when their eschatological beliefs did not line up with the revelation they had been given by the Spirit.

FOLLOWING: Is a list of those who have been given the same / similar revelation

Dewey Brewton – Daniel’s Time Line

Michael Rood – The Jonah Code

Thurston McCutcheon – No Longer Available

Rob Moore – In That Day – http://www.inthatday.net/

http://www.inthatday.net/wp-      content/uploads/2013/archive/290872/LPBZ_Part1/LPBZ_Part1.htm

119 Ministries – Test Everything – http://119ministries.com


Gerritt Nell – Hebrew People – http://hebrewpeople.com/

Note: Even though I wrote the linked study (below), the original inspiration came from Gerrit Nell and I gave him the full credit due. When I heard Gerrit speak in Johannesburg, S. Africa, he specifically gave the date of F.O.T. 2016 – from the revealed pattern given him.  I still have the original audio file.  If anyone would like to have it, I will do my best to send it to you.


Sarah Jubilee – Jubilee Awakening Blast


Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel

12th Century Rabbi Predicts Future

DISCLAIMER: – In no way am I endorsing any of these ministries or their various doctrinal / eschatological views. I am simply sharing their unique revelation concerning the possibility of the prophesied “rapture” / resurrection event(s) occurring in the very near future.  I also do not necessarily agree with the method each individual came to their conclusions.  However, I do believe that the Sovereign of the Universe is quite capable of revealing the correct sum – even when each addend is not necessarily correct.

Jim’s response to this testimony was simply that sometimes YHWH gives revelation so that we can know how to pray.  He then went on to share that he would pray for Father to further delay the rapture of His Son’s bride so that all the work that still needed to be done could be accomplished.  Of all the replies in the world that Jim could have possibly responded with… He chose that reply in particular and that was what initially alarmed me.  I knew in that moment that Jim was walking in spiritual pride, delusions of grandeur and no real understanding whatsoever of Yahweh’s direct and delegated authority.

Finally, I shared with Jim how I became an out-right false prophet altogether – by presumptuously adding to the revelation I had been given (from Daniel 9:24-27) and falsely proclaiming it in the Name of Yahweh.  My own spiritual pride had blinded me to the reality of what I had done (partaking of the tree of knowledge of good and evil), until it was too late.

See attachment one (in the comments section of this post) – concerning my personal testimony as to how I became a false prophet.

NOTE: See 1Kings 13 for two pretty straight-forward accounts about how it is 100% possible to be a true prophet of Yahweh and a false prophet altogether – and on the very same day no less!

During our time together Jim humbly and candidly admitted that he did not have a very good understanding of prophetic eschatology and that it was definitely not his gift or calling to teach / preach it. (I already knew this to be 100% true from watching a little bit of Jim’s original “The End of The Age” teaching on-line, while I was still living in S. Africa.)  However, at that exact same time he also stated that he was feeling all kinds of pressure from some of the PFT staff, as well as some of the mishpocha, to teach it on it anyway.

Toward the end of our meeting, Jim stated that the only reason he could think of why YHWH would have us to meet was because perhaps He wanted him to heed my final testimony as a severe warning so that he would not succumb to the same / similar error. I could not have agreed more.  Most tragically, when Jim began to teach his “new and improved” “End of The Age” series, I knew the warning Yahweh had given Jim through our heavenly arranged meeting had gone mostly unheeded and I also knew at that time that He was going to use it as an occasion to bring severe correction upon his life.

I tried to warn Jim – by the Spirit of Yahweh – that the Spirit of Yahweh was grieved and to stop boastfully teaching against the revealed prophetic word of Yahweh (through His servants the prophets) and to repent of falsely proclaiming the lies of Jesuit provocateur “Walid Shoebat” – but he simply would not listen. When Jim replied, he told me that he had shared the word I had given with others in leadership and the consensus of everyone he had shared the word with was that the word I had given was false and not to be heeded.

Note: I whispered to my wife that Jim was not sharing anything by the spirit of revelation and that almost everything he was sharing was a parroting of “Walid Shoebat”. It wasn’t even five minutes later that he publicly gave this son of the devil the credit for a great deal of what he was parroting to the world – classic Jesuit misinformation and misdirection!  A timely and direct confirmation!

It never ceases to amaze me how when I tell a fellow servant of Yahweh the Spirit spoke to my heart to give him a love-offering that he never disagrees with me. However, when I tell that same man the set-apart Spirit spoke to me to call Him to repent of falsely proclaiming in the Name of Yahweh that which Yahweh has not spoken – well there is almost never quite the same enthusiastic response.

Note: Jenn and I gave an unsolicited, substantial designated offering – out of obedience to the voice of the Spirit – for Jim’s legal defence – on the very night he shared with the world that he had in fact been indicted and arrested and was 100% innocent of all charges.

See attachment two (in the comments section of this post).

When I gave that word to Jim, I shared the above testimony of our initial meeting and the exact word I was called to give him with PFT elders Gabe and Rebecca Smith (as I was staying in their home at the time) and PFT members Curtis and Becki Liebl – as two witnesses. All four witnesses can truthfully testify of how very deeply burdened I was for Jim and how I did not consider it any light thing to speak to him in the Name of Yahweh in calling Jim to repent.  Later, I would also share with them Jim’s response.  In addition, they can also testify how burdened I have been for Jim and the mishpocha at PFT ever since.

See attachment three (in the comments section of this post).

I never spoke to Jim again of the matter and I committed the fullness of what I had written and his response to Yahweh. I knew I had heard from the Spirit of Yahweh and I knew He would confirm His Word in due time.  Sadly, that time has come.

Beloved, I have NEVER considered Jim to be a hypocrite and I have always considered him to be a sincere and transparent brother. I believe this to be true, even until this day.  I listened to Jim pray last Yom Kippur and I heard him sincerely cry out to Father to please deal with him in any area of his life that he was blinded to – where he needed to receive Abba’s correction – before the rapture of the bride occurs – at the first resurrection.

Afterward, I told my wife that I knew Yahweh had heard Jim’s prayer and it would most definitely be answered and that more than likely Jim would be sentenced to prison because of the seriousness of the undealt with sin in his life – that he was most definitely blinded to – due to his pride. Yes, it is 100% true, Jim is going to prison as a direct answer to his own prayer as well as the countless prayers of his earthly and spiritual family – on Jim’s behalf.  It is only because Yahweh truly loves Jim that Jim is presently receiving the correction that he so desperately needs.

By the leading of the Spirit, Jenn and I had returned to PFT in August 2014 and remained there until the Spirit led us to return to Southwest, Florida in late October. It was during this time I/we personally witnessed all of the above.  During the interim between our initial and second meetings Jim was indicted and arrested on multiple FEDERAL charges of felony wire fraud.  Initially, he insisted that he was not arrested.  Later he claimed he did not know he was actually arrested – even though at some point he was forced to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet which had to be removed and then reactivated while he was touring Israel.

The following Sabbath, Jim emphatically stated before the entire world that he in fact was not guilty and that in the end he would be justified through the legal process and everyone would know that he was in fact – not guilty. At that same time, Jim also testified the Spirit had spoken to Him directly and clearly warned him not to get involved with this investment in the first place – and that he had disobeyed the voice of the Spirit.  Later, Yahweh’s delegated authority, the STATE OF MISSOURI, would send a cease and desist notice to Jim – which he would also ignore.

Note: Upon hearing the rumour of Jim’s arrest, I initially told my wife that I knew by the Spirit that the Spirit had spoken to Jim and warned him not to get involved with the investment in the first place. I only knew this because I had similarly disregarded the voice of the Spirit concerning an investment I represented in the late 90’s and I too had to pay a very dear price for doing so.  No doubt – the commissions being paid were far too tempting to immediately give up – just because the STATE told him too.

Finally, Jim testified truthfully how he was originally investigated by the STATE OF MISSOURI and they did not find him to be guilty of any criminal intent or activity. I.e. No indictment! No arrest!  However, it would seem that Jim was not entirely truthful when he claimed the FEDERAL government had picked up the complaint / investigation after the STATE OF MISSOURI had found him not guilty.

The STATE OF MISSOURI never actually concluded their investigation (as Jim had strongly implied) due to the ongoing FEDERAL investigation which would conclude with Jim eventually being charged with felony wire fraud. Felony wire fraud is one of the most ambiguous charges the UNITED STATES can possibly make against any CITIZEN.  There are literally a plethora of “crimes” which can fall under this vague umbrella of a charge.  It is literally the ‘go to’ charge the US govt. uses to indict anyone they desire.

E.g. (I wish I was making this up.) If I were to call you from a different state than the one you are located in and do not announce my name, the number I am calling from and my geographical location within the first 60 seconds – then I have committed felony wire fraud against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Unbelievable!

When I personally took the time to read the original cease and desist against Jim (CEASE AND DESIST ORDER), I found myself in full agreement – that Jim was probably not guilty of either criminal intent or criminal activity.  However, that ultimately would not matter because Jim was not indicted based on the original civil complaint as he seemingly testified to on that fateful night.  Instead, he was indicted, arrested and prosecuted on a completely different criminal complaint altogether.  A criminal complaint that was 100% fictitious and completely immoral – in my humble opinion.

(Please keep reading for a full and detailed explanation.)

Note: Wire fraud is so vague and ambiguous that Jim and his attorney actually rewrote the criminal indictment in its entirety in order that Jim may plead guilty to eleven felony counts of wire fraud without admitting to anything that he was in fact not actually guilty of in the original indictment. Unbelievable!  Sadly, in April 2015 Jim plead guilty to the FEDERAL indictment – when in fact – he most likely never committed an actual crime – with real victims.  Alas, till this very day, I sincerely believe that Jim does not even begin to comprehend what has actually transpired in Heaven and Earth and why he has been found guilty and has been publicly corrected and humbled by Father that ALL may learn to fear Him in full obedience.

I wrote Jim the following on May 1st 2015 –

“I completely understand why you did what you felt you had to do in court today. However, I have personally been in your shoes and I absolutely refused to plead guilty to something that I 100% knew I was not guilty of – by the standard of the Word of Yahweh.  For twenty months I sat in the Charlotte County Jail – powerless to defend myself against my enemies.  During that time I was attacked by every imaginable fear, worry, doubt, etc.

Even though I knew I was 100% innocent, I also knew the STATE is wicked and corrupt beyond most people’s ability to comprehend. They were trying to put me in prison for life on trumped up charges.  As I waited for my day in court, the STATE waived my right to a speedy trial.  The STATE waived my right to represent myself.  The STATE had me psychologically evaluated by three different men.  And the STATE withheld favorable evidence from me for twenty months.

I repeatedly turned down every offer the STATE made me, as I knew I could not bear false witness against myself and plead guilty to something I did not do. I was willing to go to prison for life if necessary, but I was not willing to lie in order to receive “mercy from the STATE”.  I never asked Yahweh to deliver me from a possible prison sentence.  I only asked for His will to be done and promised to continue to faithfully serve Him whether I was imprisoned or set free.

Miraculously, on the day of my court appearance, Yahweh sent tongues of fire to rest on the heads of my jury members and my STATE appointed counsellor did not resist when I told her who my jury members would be. At the end of the day, my jury deliberated for less than five minutes and I was then set free.

Brother, I do not pretend to understand why you succumbed to the spirit of fear / double-mindedness at this present time – apart from the spiritual nature of the battle you are presently entangled in. Personally, I still believe you to be innocent concerning the charges against you and I will continue to believe so – unless you personally convince me otherwise.

I am extremely sad that you did not choose go to trial and let Yahweh defend you in this matter. I know the accusations were false.  I know the system is evil.  I know the odds are incredibly stacked against you.  However, isn’t our Yahweh greater and stronger than every wicked Babylonian government that would call evil good and good evil?

At the end of the day, I know with all certainty this is Yahweh working it all out for the good for both you and your mishpocha. He has heard your prayers and many public proclamations and He has answered every one of them out of His heart of love for you – His beloved.

Where do you go from here? I have no doubt Yahweh’s mercy will prevail in your life Jim – one way or the other.  However, I cannot encourage you enough to greatly humble yourself at this time, before the day of your sentencing – so that you may find favor at throne of favor.

First, you need to immediately repent and go before the mishpocha and publicly confess that you have presumptuously proclaimed the prophetic revelation of “The End of Days”, when Yahweh had in fact warned you against proclaiming anything at all – rather than proclaiming falsely in His most set-apart Name. Also, you must confess that you have presumptuously spoken against that which Yahweh has revealed and proclaimed to / through His servants the prophets concerning the times we are presently living in.

Second, you need to get to the root as to why Yahweh has allowed you to be severely corrected and greatly humbled at this particular time. With all my heart, I would humbly suggest that you prayerfully study, “Curses, Covenants and Wicked Soul-ties” so that you may quickly receive the revelation of the root of that which is now causing you to be publicly chastised by Yahweh.


In my own particular case, I did not humble myself and seek out the root of my affliction until I had been confined for more than 17 months. It was at that time that Yahweh revealed to me that I had blindly, presumptuously and foolishly entered into a covenant of death with mine enemy and that was in fact the very root of why I was being detained.  With laughter and tears of joy, I freely repented of making that covenant of death and almost immediately the wheels of justice began to turn forward and favourably on my behalf.

Rest assured my brother that you are in my prayers and that I love you. More importantly Yahweh loves you and every promise of His Word is true – most particularly the promises found in Phil. 1:6, Romans 8:28-32 and 2Corinthians 4:16-18.


Unfortunately, Jim did not heed this final warning and call to repentance and he has continued to walk in defiance of Yahweh’s direct and established delegated authority in his life. Everyone who knows Jim personally – knows that Jim has a real problem with submitting to any / all authority Yahweh has established in his life.  Almost everyone who has been personally sent by Abba to confront Jim concerning his sin(s) of spiritual-pride, false humility, spiritual abuse of the body, etc… have all been sent away and usually publically dismissed before the PFT mispocha.

At the end of the day, Jim is only being publicly corrected by a loving Father and his earthly and spiritual families being made to further suffer unnecessarily – because Jim refused to accept the multitude of warnings and calls to correction and repentance that Father sent him.

On the day of Jim’s sentencing, as I stood and listened to the testimony of the PROSECUTOR, Jim’s criminal DEFENCE ATTORNEY and finally Jim himself, I became fully aware that Jim was pleading “guilty” to nothing more than enthusiastic zeal due to his sincerely held belief in the benefit of the product he was selling and its ability to provide financial security for his clients. Anyone over the age of twenty-one, looking to invest in any financial product / vehicle whatsoever (even a passbook savings account), should know there is a 100% possibility that you can lose some or all of your original investment – no matter how sincerely held the belief of the sales representative to the contrary.  Only a naïve and gullible child would ever invest their principle with no thought of a possible risk of a partial or complete loss of the original principle.

What also became obvious to me, as I stood in the court room that day, is that Jim did not know righteous repentance which proceeds from the throne of Heaven and gives life. Rather, Jim only knew a man-made counterfeit sorrow of heart because he had been beat into submission by his very own DEFENCE ATTORNEY.  As I listened to Jim’s ATTORNEY, speak to the JUDGE, I actually thought to myself – “Is this man representing Jim or is he representing the UNITED STATES GOVT.?”  Almost every word he spoke was indicting of Jim and pronounced his “guilt” before the COURT.

He testified before the presiding JUDGE that Jim only understood his “guilt” before the COURT, the seriousness of his “crimes” and the “nefarious nature” of his actions because he (Jim’s ATTORNEY) had finally successfully convinced him of all three the week before his sentencing. What?!!  Where was the convicting power of the Spirit of Yahweh all this time?  Where was the convincing power of the Scriptures – which Jim knows and teaches authoritatively?

Jim is a true servant of the kingdom! Jim is a spirit-filled believer!  So, how in the world could he not know what a terrible “criminal” he was – except his non-believing, secular attorney finally convinced (more like brain-washed) him?  I know Jim believes in Scripturally defined repentance, reconciliation, restoration and restitution.  So, how come Jim has only paid $2,000.00 of restitution out of $2,000,000.00 ordered by the COURT – several years ago?  Could it be that Jim KNOWS that he truly does not owe his clients a dime – because he NEVER stole a penny from them?!

They all made a seemingly good investment that both Jim and his clients believed in – 100% – and they ALL lost! The clients lost their principle and now Jim has seemingly lost everything.  Since the first of Elul (Mid-August 2015) trillions of dollars and trillions of Dollars and Yuan have been lost by investors in both America and China.  Good and bad people lose money on their investments every day.  I am quite certain that every investor who lost money this past month originally thought they were making a good investment.  Who is responsible for repaying back the unimaginable amount of wealth lost? There can be no doubt what-so-ever that Jim is suffering from a serious amount of mis-placed guilt and man-made condemnation.  He only believes he is guilty, because the FEDERAL PROSECUTOR, his DEFENDING ATTORNEY and the PRESIDING JUDGE have all bullied him into bearing false witness – against himself no less!

Most people would NEVER believe that Jim Staley has been completely hood-winked, suckered and manipulated altogether by a demonically-controlled conspiracy being operated by the Jesuit controlled UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I.e. The incorporated, fictitious entity duplicitously, pretending to be a constituted government “of the people, for the people, and by the people.”

Moreover, most people would NEVER believe that USA Inc. issues a $600,000.00 bond on each and every felony indictment issued in the USA. They also would NEVER believe that the USA incorporated issued itself $6,600,000 in bonds based on the credit it was extended by JAMES STALEY Inc – without his knowledge or consent.

I had heard the rumour of this many years ago, when I was studying and learning the difference between admiralty law, contract law, common law, natural law and Yahweh’s law. However, I was only able to confirm the truthfulness of this reality when I requested an FBI criminal report in order to obtain a one-year VISA for my missionary service in S. Africa.  In black and white, I witnessed with my own eyes the amount of credit the USA incorporated extended itself from each of the felony indictments charged to ROBERT ARTHUR MCDUFFIE Inc.

Furthermore, most people would NEVER believe that the USA incorporated had absolutely no jurisdictional authority to indict Jim Staley in the first place. If he had not hired and contracted with a BANK OF ENGLAND – BAR ATTORNEY who then acknowledged the COURT’s authority on Jim’s behalf – he NEVER would have been bullied into submission.  It would seem that Jim was also bullied by these self-serving, self-preserving AGENTS of DARKNESS to NOT tell his clients that they were indeed eligible to file a claim with the companies they had invested with / in and have their money returned to them in full.

Maybe this is the real reason Jim is so afflicted in his soul. It is my present understanding that he honestly believed that he had to obey a Torah-less COURT order to NOT reach out to his clients and tell them of a possible remuneration for their losses and chose to remain silent – while the time eventually lapsed for any restitution to be made from the CORPORATE entities – who then profited at the expense of Jim and his clients.  Jim knew (by the Spirit and the Word) that the right thing to do was to contact his clients and tell them of the remedy for their loss and instead he chose to remain silent – defiling his conscience.  James 4:17 seem to be most applicable in this particular case.

“To him, then, who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” – James 4:17

Once again, it would seem that Jim yielded to the wrong authority altogether and in all reality that is the real reason Jim has been sentenced to seven years confinement and three years of probation. Just because USA Inc. tells us something is legal / lawful does not make it kosher (acceptable) and / or set-apart!  E.g. Sodomite marriages and abortion.  And just because USA Inc. gives us an order and commands us to obey it does not mean we have to do so – if we conscientiously object – due to our strongly held belief in the supreme authority of the Scriptures.

Finally, even in the Torah-less COURTS of USA Inc. there is always the guaranteed right of jury-nullification. Every CITIZEN has the right to find a DEFENDANT not guilty based only on their belief that the law itself is unjust / unfair / immoral!  It is for this reason every STATE PROSECUTOR weeds through undesirable potential jury members by asking the following question…

“Suppose there was a law making it illegal to wear a blue shirt on Tuesday and we can prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the DEFENDANT was in fact wearing a blue shirt on Tuesday… No matter how ridiculous you personally think it is that there is a law that you should not wear a blue shirt on Tuesday, would you be willing to find the DEFENDANT guilty?” This is how every PROSECUTOR working for USA Inc. successfully “brainwashes” potential JURORS and weeds out any would be JURORS that might actually benefit the DEFENDANT.

It does not surprise me at all that Yahweh used a Torah-less COURT and a presiding JUDGE who had no jurisdictional authority whatsoever over Jim Staley to find him “guilty” of the “crime” of exaggerating the security of his client’s investment because he zealously believed in the product he was selling was for their overwhelming benefit.  It doesn’t surprise me because all along, the real crime Yahweh has found Jim guilty of is his refusal to submit to His revealed direct and delegated authority.

When we first start to walk in obedience to Yahweh by faith, we can only “see through a glass darkly”. As we continue to walk step by step – looking back we can see why Yahweh had us do what we did, speak what we spoke and take the next step by faith – because eventually hind-sight becomes 20-20 vision and everything becomes manifest.  I had absolutely no idea why Yahweh first led us to PFT, or why He had me meet with Jim before we left to go to work in Arkansas, or why He had us return to PFT after our work in Arkansas was done, or why He had me return to St Louis, MO. to witness Jim’s sentencing, or why He had me go to Branson, MO. to try to meet with Jim one more time – until now.

Let this be a warning to everyone who thinks they can selectively obey and regard when it is okay to obey and to disobey Yahweh – especially those who hold leadership positions! Judgment begins with Yahweh’s house first and quite necessarily it begins with those in leadership.  Most believers today have been so dumb-downed; they honestly do not know which authority has been established by Yahweh and which authority has not.  Those who are truly in walking in the established authority of Yahweh could care less if others recognize it or not – because they know it is up to Yahweh to defend / justify them.  They do not have to constantly defend / justify themselves.

Ironically, when we were working in S. Africa, we reached out to PFT on two different occasions in order to inquire about submitting to them as a spiritual covering for the mission work we were doing throughout S. Africa and Zambia. When we first returned to the united States of America we reached out to PFT and Jim once again.  Amazingly, they never once answered our inquiry.  Every single time, Yahweh kept us from submitting to their covering and Jim’s authority – for He had a much different plan.

In closing, the entire time we were at PFT (August, September, October 2014) we witnessed there was an undercurrent of fear – each time we were in attendance. This spirit of fear was made manifest in micro-management of the mishpocha, gross manipulation of the mishpocha and over-all spiritual abuse of the mishpocha.  Unfortunately, the members of the mishpocha so love Jim and one another – they cannot even begin to perceive they are all victims of spiritual abuse (abuse of authority and position) and are in all reality a highly dysfunctional family.

During our time at PFT, we could not discern where the spirit of fear was originating from as we did not have any first-hand knowledge of all that was going on in Jim’s personal life and the extreme weight of anxiety he was constantly carrying since PFT’s inception. Over the last five years, he was criminally investigated by the STATE OF MISSOURI, the TAX-AUTHORITY came after him, he was named a DEFENDANT in multiple civil court actions (none one of which turned out favourably) and finally the USA Inc. investigated, indicted and arrested him.  It is now so blatantly obvious why the spirit of fear was so subtly, always in the undercurrent at PFT – Jim was constantly being attacked by the spirit of fear and in fear he compromised what he knew to be true – on more than one occasion.

Due to their spiritual blindness, some of the remaining members of the PFT mishpocha have covenanted with death in that they have not heeded the word of Yahweh given them and instead continue to blindly follow after Jim. They have unequivocally supported Jim in his sin (which, to the best of my knowledge he still has neither confessed nor repented of till this day), they have not called for his resignation and they have continued on with him as their leader and pastor even though Yahweh has rejected Him – even as he rejected King Saul.

See attachments Four, Five and Six (in the comments section of this post).

This is my final communication concerning this matter. It is my utmost desire that everyone would fall on their face during these ten days of awe and truly repent of all their sins and transgressions (especially the sins of spiritual-pride, false humility, self-righteousness and apathy – Daniel 9:4-19) before the One True Supreme Sovereign of the Universe.

In Sincerity, Truth and Love, His servant and yours,

Robert-Arthur:McDuffie – Gal. 6:14

Ps – I was greatly burdened for the mishpocha (family) at PFT and Senior Pastor David Robinson during the earlier part of this year. I tried to reach out to David on several occasions and when I could not reach him via phone I went ahead and sent him an e-mail – which I was informed that he had received and read.  To this day I have not received a reply and all attempts to follow up with a phone call have been left unanswered. See attachment Seven (in the comments section of this post).

As of this writing, PFT no longer exists as a ministry and all covenant members have moved on. Sadly, it NEVER had to end this way – but neither Jim – nor the leadership staff at PFT have yet truly and fully learned the fear of Yahweh.  I trust that all will humble themselves and repent and know the fear of Yahweh today in all humility – while it still called today.













Shalom, shalom in the most wonderful name of Yahoshua haMashiach (Jesus the Messiah), to His Excellency – President Edgar Lungu and the beloved people of Zambia,

To those who possess wisdom and understanding concerning the times and seasons – it does not seem the least bit of an exaggeration when I state – we are presently living in one of the most critical times in all of human history. Unbeknownst to most of the world, the Messianic Age has begun – during this year’s appointed feast season (Leviticus 23) and the betrothed Bride of Heaven’s favour is about to be taken – as the Groom is even at the door and about to take her by the hand and lead her into the wedding chamber – which He has prepared for her exclusively over the last two millennia (John 14:2-3).

On May 22nd, 2016, while worshipping at the Zambian State House, I was given a very clear word of knowledge.  As I was praying and wondering if I was to share the word of knowledge publicly, the master of ceremonies tapped my shoulder and requested me to say the benediction.  I readily agreed, knowing that Yahweh was opening up the door for me to share the revelation given – with everyone present at the weekly State House chapel service. Read the full post »




I am writing this Scripture study, first and foremost, to proclaim that Yahoshua haMashiach is coming very soon!  By simply studying the whole counsel of the Scriptures, there is an unmistakable pattern of numerical prophetic themes that will help us to understand what season we are now living in.  Amazingly, every one of these pattern ends in the exact same year!

DISCLAIMER:  I am not proclaiming that the year all these patterns conclude is the year of the Messiah’s return!  However, by necessity all pre-millenial prophecies must be fulfilled by this time.  This study is focused on the “Drash”, (hidden / revelation), level of the Scriptures. If you do not know what the “Drash” level of the Scriptures are, then please feel free to read my blog that teaches on the four different levels of interpretation for correctly understanding the Scriptures. Read the full post »



A Scripture Study That Asks The Right Question So That Yahweh’s People May Know The Correct Answer!

Over the centuries most of the body of Yahoshua haMashiach (ha-Ma-Shi-ach) (Jesus the Messiah) has been so preoccupied asking the wrong questions and arguing over the answers thereof that the demonic realm is screeching with uncontrollable laughter at our collective spiritual ineptitude!

It is an absolute maxim if you do not ask the right question you will never come to the right conclusion! The answer always lies within the question!

Many times, while studying the set-apart Scriptures in Revelation 13, I would meditate on “the mark of the beast”. “What is the mark of the beast?”, I asked myself for the thousandth time. This has been the subject of much speculation by the greatest of theological scholars and most of the church for two millennial.

For the purpose of brevity I am not going to discuss any of the varying conclusions differing parties and individuals have come to. Instead I will only share with you the conclusions that I have come to. Conclusions not from my own opinions, but rather from the whole counsel of the Set-apart Scriptures.
Read the full post »