“A word spoken at the right time Is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” ~ Proverbs 25:11


Just as there was a delay of ten years from the time the Good News went out to the Jews (Acts 2) till the time it went out to the people of the nations (Acts 10 & 11) – so it is in these last days! There has been a heavenly scheduled delay from the time this end-time revival sprung forth in 2009 (the exact year prophesied by Ezekiel!) and the time it has spread out to all those who will receive it 2019. This year is going to be a year like no other!

“He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth Yahweh require of thee, but to do justice, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy Elohim.” ~ Micah 6:8 Read the full post »

The Scriptures ~ An Amazing Testimony – Part 2


In October 2010, Yahweh showed up in great and miraculous ways – which we did not know – and showed us in living 4-D detail just how intimately He involves Himself in our lives and how He directs our steps in detailed, minute ways that are beyond the comprehension and imagination of the natural man!

I detailed that supernatural testimony in my book “Crossing Over” and also in the blog post linked here.

The Scriptures ~ An Amazing Testimony

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Without any fear of contradiction – the letter to the Galatians is one of the most controversial, confusing and misunderstood in all the “New” Testament – if not the entire cannon of Scripture.  However, most Christians would readily contradict that statement because in their estimation – Galatians is 100% straightforward – completely justifies their faith and doctrinal position and is not the least bit controversial at all!

On the other hand, there are many within the Hebrew Roots community and those of the Messianic faith who do not know what to make of the author’s writings and either avoid them like the plague, or discount the pharisee from Tarsus (Acts 23:6) as a false prophet or even worse – the very anti-Messiah he warned us about in living and vivid detail in 2Thessalonians 2!

As lovingly as I can say it – in both instances, the audience is almost completely without any understanding.  The letter to the Galatians – correctly understood – refutes and rebukes the Christian position over the last 1700 years and it also rebukes and refutes the varying positions taken by Messianic Judaism and most of those embracing the Hebrew Roots of their faith in the 21st century! Read the full post »

ZAMBIA MUST RISE UP & PROSPER! An Open Letter To His Excellency President Edgar Lungu – And The Beloved People of the Christian Nation Zambia

Shalom, shalom in the most wonderful name of Yahoshua haMashiach (Jesus the Messiah), to His Excellency – President Edgar Lungu and the beloved people of Zambia,

To those who possess wisdom and understanding concerning the times and seasons of the Lion of Judah – NOW IS THE APPOINTED TIME DECLARES YAHWEH THAT ZAMBIA MUST RISE UP AND PROSPER!

“Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the honor of Yahweh is risen upon thee. For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but Yahweh shall arise upon thee, and his honor shall be seen upon thee. And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.” – Isaiah 60:1-3 Read the full post »


On Sept. 5th / 6th 2013 the U.S. economy fell – never to recover!

This is exactly what Yahweh foretold would happen!

September 5th Prophecy

However, when I did not SEE anything newsworthy in the headlines of the world’s major newspapers, I publicly repented of prophesying falsely in His name – because I did not understand the prophecy or its fulfillment.

My Public Repentance

On Oct. 1, 2016 the USA was conquered and no one is the wiser!

These two dated events (September 5th & 6th 2013 and October 1st 2016) are directly related to one another and each of these events is testifying to the other!

The G20 meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia was held during the feast of Trumpets 2013 on September 5th & 6th!  It was at this meeting that it was decided that the Chinese Yuan would be the new reserve currency of the world – replacing the role of the U.S. Dollar, which ruled over the nations of the world, for exactly 70 years to the very month, week and day!

During the exact time of this meeting, the Chinese Yuan currency traded ten times more than normal and for the first time in history was among the top ten currencies traded in the world.

On October 1st, 2016, Obama surrendered control of our 2nd most valuable asset (after the dollar) – the internet. While the world was told that the Yuan would be a part of the international basket of currencies – they were not told that HSBC Bank would be selling partially, gold backed, Chinese Yuan bonds – which would be to the world’s reserve currency what the Petrol Dollar was before it.

Just as Cyrus defeated BABYLON after 70 years of ruling over the nations – without a battle or a fight and the people of the kingdom were largely ignorant to the change of command for a year or more – so the USA and the nations have been deceived and do not know that China has replaced the USA as the world’s premier super power!

I wrote all about this prophecy and it’s miraculous fulfillment on my blog.


To Yahweh alone be all the esteem, honor and praise!

His servant and yours,

Robert Arthur McDuffie ~ Gal. 6:14

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If I was to give a second title to this message it just might be –


Because this study deals with the authority of Yahweh’s revealed word – it very well might be the most insightful and important message I have published to date.

NOTICE: The Devil, Satan, the fallen hosts of messengers and the demonic realm are all used interchangeably throughout this study for the sake of convenience and ease of understanding.  Please forgive me in advance for taking “license” with this truth.

In Matthew 4:1-11 and Luke 4:1-13 there are two very detailed accounts of how our Messiah and Master was tried three different times by our adversary the Devil.  The Good News according to Mark also mentions this time of testing in passing. I.e. Mark 1:12-13  A great multitude of sermons and lessons have been taught about this experience over the last 1900+ years.  However, I think it is high-time for us to ask ourselves – “do we really understand the true nature of these tests and what are the implication(s) for us today?”  The answer(s) just might surprise you.

If you are like me, then you have probably read the following verse from Hebrews more than once…

“For we do not have a High Priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.” ~ Hebrews 4:15

However, I was always left perplexed as to what it really meant to the average believer.  Was our Savior and Master ever tempted to get drunk, commit adultery, back-talk to His earthly mother and father (thus dishonoring them), profane the weekly set-apart Sabbath or to transgress any other commandment His Father gave us in His Torah (I.e. His Instructions)?  Does this Scripture mean that Yahoshua was tempted in the exact same way as I am tempted today or does it mean something completely different altogether?  For the longest time – I honestly did not know the correct answer to this question and I was just left scratching my head and wondering – ‘what does it really mean that Yahoshua was “tempted as we are, yet without sin?”’ Read the full post »


 Three times of the year, the first fruits of El we bring,

First the barley, then the wheat and then every good and tasty thing.

The barley is Y’shua, the wheat – His wondrous Bride,

The fruit of the womb – the children, at the coming of His righteous tide.

The feasts of Yahweh are the key – to know His plan of liberty,

For you and me and all to see – in the golden year of Jubilee!

He is the risen Hebrew Groom, coming for His Hebrew Bride,

After the rapturous consummation in Heaven, He will return with her by His side.


At that time – when His army is revealed – the devil’s son’s will be taken away,

Then all will see what was concealed, and His fire will burn the stubble, wood and hay!

Then she who was barren, a mother she will be,

A family which can’t be counted – more than the stars up above or the sands of the sea!

The Kingdom of El is coming, a thousand years to reign,

With His Bride they’ll will rule with a rod, the nations they will train!

So who is this Bride and the children soon to be,

What will make the difference for all eternity?

His Bride – once a child, grew in favor to maturity,

The children – not maturing – because they favored their iniquity!

They worked the good works of the Kingdom, proclaiming in His Name,

They cast out demons, performing miracles – yet in dismay they will proclaim –

Lord, Lord – how can You send us away? He then will answer on that day,
You preached, you prayed, you prophesied, But you never learned to obey!

My pure spotless Bride – I have known in Heaven,

My children – away, away – you who loved your leaven!


Born again by My favor, I redeemed you to Myself,

You would not heed My Spirit, and only listened to yourself!

My Word and My Spirit – they will always agree,

But you would not receive the truth, when I whispered it to thee.

My Bride My Wondrous Bride – she listened and obeyed,

She heeded by My Spirit and in My presence she always stayed.

She let My Spirit lead her, while My other children played.

She loved My truth above all and considered not her life,

That is why forever, she will always and only be My wife!

She loved My Sabbaths and honored My feasts,

She hated the lies of the whore and the beast.


She loved what I loved and what I loathed she loathed too,

And that why I have taken the one who was true!

Faith without obedience equals no reward,

You are My children – not My wife – because I was NEVER your Lord!


You walked in the lies and traditions of men,

You refused to obey me and that’s why you’re not My friend!

If you had truly loved Me, you would have obeyed My voice,

You’re not My Bride today – because of your own free will choice!


Choose the blessing! Choose good! Choose light! Choose life!

And you too will go to Heaven – when He comes to take His wife!

At the feast He’s appointed – He shall take you as His own,

And He will make you to co-rule, when He ascends upon His throne!


Sincerely and in Love, His servant and yours,

Robert-Arthur: McDuffie ~ Gal. 6:14

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A Bible Study That Examines The Full Counsel of The Scripture Concerning the Much Debated Issue of The Timing of Yahoshua’s Death, Burial, & Resurrection!

By way of explanation: I have elected to use the English version of Jesus’ Hebrew name throughout this Bible study.  Thus Joshua = Jesus.

Choicest Messianic greetings to all my family, in the name of our Savior and Master – Joshua the Messiah!  During the course of my research for a possible book, I am writing you this letter to share with you the conclusions that I have come to concerning some of the much debated issues of our Master’s death, burial, and resurrection.  We will concentrate our focus on reconciling by the Set-apart Scriptures three seemingly conflicting issues:

  1. The words of Joshua our Savior that He would be in the belly of the earth for three days and three nights. I.e. MattithYahu / Matthew 12:40
  2. The Scriptures that claim that He rose from the grave on the third day. I.e. MattithYahu / Matthew 16:21, 17:23, 20:19 & 27:64; Mark 9:31 & 10:34; Luke 9:22, 18:33, 24:7 & 46; Acts 10:40 & 1Corinthians 15:4
  3. That Joshua prophetically fulfilled the significance of the first four of the annual Set-apart Feasts of Yahweh (i.e. Way yiqra / Leviticus 23) on the exact day and to the very second that the feasts were appointed to be fulfilled over a period of exactly 55 Scriptural defined days. I.e. Genesis 1:5b

Once we’ve discovered the exact timing of these events we will then begin to examine the evil force behind all the misinformation regarding these events and how the entire world has come under a grave and strong delusion.  For the purpose of brevity, I will simply state my sources and make my claims and then let you do the legwork for yourself.  Before I begin, I would like to thank Yahweh for the revelation He has given me – by the Set-apart Spirit and from the Scriptures – through much prayer.

If I am in error concerning any of the following, I ask for His forgiveness and immediate correction.  My sole motivation in sharing this is that Yahweh Eloah (the LORD GOD) will be greatly esteemed and that we may be edified.  If I may be so bold, would you please pray with me before we begin?

Heavenly Father, your only-born Son Joshua promised us that Your Set-apart Spirit would lead us into all Truth. I.e. John 14:26 & 16:13  Please reveal to us by Your Word (i.e. John 8:31-32) the significance of this revelation and teaching that we may truly obey, love and esteem You more and that we may love one another.

In the name of Joshua the Messiah I pray, Amein!

Disclaimer: None of us has all the answers or understands everything, especially when it comes to the Scriptures.  As I share my references, please beware that because of the day and hour that we live in that whereas they may be credible reference sources for documenting my findings they will probably also contain additional content that is completely false.  In the words of Dr. Kent Hovind “chew the meat, spit out the bones” or if you prefer “chew the dates, spit the seeds.” Read the full post »